We Are Back!!! The UFC Returns In Florida - Full House - No social distance BS, No masks, no vaccine :)

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What's good Sports Fans!

Great News: The UFC returns with UFC 261 in Florida, Jacksonville. I have already heard the governor of Florida, saying there will be no mandatory vaccines for Florida and obviously he's on the "fighting the plandemic"-side.😁 So no surprise the UFC is having it's first fully packed event with 15.000 people over there in Jacksonville on the 24th of April. I wish Dana would pick me up with his private jet.😜

And they are having 3 great Title Fights:

UFC Fight Card Florida.jpg




Florida fans are about to get trilled. I thought the lockdown is strict over there in the states.

The states got their own rights....f...the Fed!😉

Oh okay.
I understand better now

Thank you

You're welcome

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Awesome! 😉

Awesome as you are @luca1777 😎