English Premier League: January17th

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Hello Hiveans,
Yesterday I wrote my first post using @sportstalksocial about my game predictions for the English Premier League.

I know most of you will be tired of clicking on the link and reading football games analysis, that's why I will mark them here:

Wolves-West Brom 1
Leeds-Brighton X
West Ham-Burnley 1
Fulham-Chelsea 2
Leicester-Southampton X

Yep, the two draw were risky, but that's how I though they will finish.. This is what happened:

Wolves-West Brom 2:3 ❌
Leeds-Brighton 0:1❌
West Ham-Burnley 1:0 ✅
Fulham-Chelsea 0:1✅
Leicester-Southampton 2:0 ❌

Only two correct predictions. This is not typical for me.. I know that guessing a draw is difficult (and again I predicted 2 of them), but this is not an excuse.

Today I decided to share with you only my predictions of winners (without analysis of the matches), so as not to make fun of me.
Isn't that smart, huh?

17 JANUARY 2021
⛔️Aston Villa-Everton is Postponed⛔️
Sheffield Utd-Tottenham 2
Liverpool-Manchester Utd 1
Manchester City-Crystal Palace 1

These are my predictions for today's games. Of course, the most important match is Liverpool-Manchester United. This is the biggest derby in England!
I hope Liverpool win ... It's really bad that there will be no fans on the stadium.. but people like me, @koychev22 and @liverpool-fan will watch this game on the TV for sure;)

Have a nice day guys! :)


I expect a good Football. I'm just worried about the refereeing. 😁🤍💚❤️🙏

No worries ;) Sallah will score two goals and they will go to sleep ;) No Fergie, No party they say ;))

Yay! 🤗
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I actually joined the match around 36 minutes, and i must say both teams made good effort and some mistakes too. Was fun watching it although it ended a goalless draw, I would say there was no dull moment in the game for me


Sheffield Utd-Tottenham 1-3 ✅
Liverpool-Manchester Utd 0-0 ❌
Manchester City-Crystal Palace 4-0 ✅

Liverpool attacked very aggressively in the first half, but unfortunately failed.

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