+15k sports staked: Open to development suggestion

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I started this process with enthusiasm to keep on staking my sports and being active in the community.


If this community is to grow and reach that height we want it to attain. We all have to keep the engagement rate up and running.

I can say for sure that we here on sportstalk, I believe is stepping up the game and with each day things are changing as people are now starting to notice what's going on. I saw one of @cryptoandcoffee post about fixing the issue with the community front-end on peakd which is a good path to what we all want to achieve.

Moreover, there's still alot of improvements that needs to be done inside the community itself based on what he said that "he can't control what's being curated in the community itself " .

Hope there could be a suggestion from anyone, to what can help the community grow more other than just staking. I do love football (premier league) and surely every one does but let's bring more diversity to what we see everyday.

I believe the little effort that you and i contribute will surely be a game changer for this great community


open to any suggestion


Hope people would pay more attention to this tribe seeing the development and progress. Again when HIVE price increases and SPORTS follows that, it will draw more people's attention. Glad to see the recent HIVE price upwards move.

I am not sure people outside of the tribe can see what's going on, but I'm sure when hive price increases and sports follows it'll definitely draw more attention to the tribe.

Thanks for coming by

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