And where are you running to?

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Sometimes you just go for it, and you don't care about the direction. And from the beginning you know that you have to walk back later the entire way, which you put behind you. This is especially true in the mountains, the higher up you go, the faster you reach the point where it just doesn't seem to go any further.

Happy are those who make it to the top, but often this is not possible at all and you might even be aware of this right before setting off on your first step. But nevertheless you start running, and keep running, as far as possible, and even beyond this point.

You sweat and groan, you stumble but usually catch yourself again. Sometimes you also start to curse, about the strains, which you have loaded on yourself again. Especially when, as already mentioned, you have to go all the way back again. But running or walking seems to be in our blood and most of us want to test themselves over and over again.

Where are my limits, maybe I am able to push them. Endurance and willpower have already led to so many successes and achievements. You just have to want it and not feel compelled to give up after the first small setback.

The way is the goal, just like in our whole life. Where do we want to get to in the first place? And why? To be in motion means to be alive. Let's enjoy every step we can still make. And even if many don't want to believe it, there is always one more.

Not to finally reach the top, that would be just a stage before we continue. Let's go even down, our path is not always consistent. Wouldn't it be boring and monotonous? Who wants to always walk in the same direction? If you feel like it, it's okay to take the same way back. New paths are all fine and nice, but dead ends are just as exciting as one-way streets. You shouldn't be afraid of shortcuts and detours either, just go for it!

You don't have to rush, but you are allowed to hurry a bit. Even floating through life needs to be done skillfully. Just as it pleases you, depending on your mood and spirit. Don't let anyone tell you what to do or not.

Because, what's the point? Everyone has their own pace, and everyone is drawn in a different direction. Sometimes our paths meet and we accompany each other for a while. Maybe we just stay together for a mile or even longer, and later we may part again. Nothing is meant to last forever, even if we think we are resting, we are actually always in motion.

At some point, we arrive back at the exact point where we left off much earlier. And often we don't even realize that we are back at the starting point. For some it happens faster, for others it will take a while. There is no hurry, sooner or later you go on again anyways.

In one or the other direction. And sometimes in both.