Oakland A's Welcome a High School Kid to the Team

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If we get to go to a baseball game in Oakland this season we might be seeing a recent High School Graduate Tyler Soderstrom bless the diamond.

This is interesting, as his last season of High School Baseball was cut short due to the covid-19 global pandemic which means that this merit was earned through his Jr year in High School.

Tyler Sodersrom.jpg
Tyler Soderstrom, Google Image

He was a Round 1 Pick, and son of a first round pick.

Generational Baseball Money at 18.

Good Luck Tyler, don't know if I will will myself to go watch a game, but am happy for the opportunity to perhaps hear the fireworks from my husbands house.

This is @metzli's first sportstalksocial post in a long time, I look forward to posting some more

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Maybe his son too would make the same record

Yes I never see you posting about sport before.

I enjoy baseball. I played softball when I was younger but that's not really what I enjoy. I enjoy going to the field, buying snacks for me and the kids, being outdoors, and being able to scream and yell. Kids love it too.