RIP Mr. Padre - Celebrating the Life of Tony Gwynn

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Growing up in San Diego meant Padres Baseball Games and the Padres were not the Padres without #19, right fielder, Mr. Padre himself, Tony Gwynn.

Tony Gwynn was a staple to the San Diego team, an ever present, a constant, and a great player.

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After retirement, Gwynn went ahead and stayed in San Diego, this time as a coach for the SDSU Aztec baseball field. He even got a field named after him.

Today marks the anniversary of his death, which consequently marked the beginning of his career in San Diego.

It was nice to have such a presence in the San Diego team. We never dealt with drama, or scandals, we were basically spoiled with his presence.

I am excited for baseball season to start and looking forward to us being able to attend games. Hopefully my children will love, screaming at plays, eating peanuts and cracker jacks, having soft serve ice cream out of a little plastic helmet, overpriced hot dogs, and eventually, when they are old enough a beer.

And hopefully, they themselves will also be able to have a professional sports person, who offers good sportsmanship, kinship to the community, and is drama and scandal free.

I loved growing up with Tony Gwynn as a constant. Who was your sports constant?

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