Activities for measuring endurance, strength and speed

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Endurance: Endurance is the ability to continue doing something difficult or that requires much energy over a long period of time. Endurance activities include the following:

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  • Press-up: This is an exercise in which you lie facing the ground, and push your body up and down with your arms
  • Squat thrust: This is an exercise in which a person jumps short distances with the knees bent, and the bottom just off the ground, while balancing on both feet
  • Minute run: The performer runs for a period of time and rest at intervals. Using stopwatch to check the time
  • Walk-bench: The performer stands in front of flat top beam or bench. He/she places the right foot on the bench and brings the left foot along. He/she lowers the right foot in an erect position. The performer may change his/her feet as desired after every four steps

Strength: This is the power and energy that makes someone perform different activities. It can also be described as a person’s ability to work
Activities that build up strength include:

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  • Pull-up: This is an exercise in which you use your arms to pull yourself up towards a bar above your head.
  • Sit up: This is an exercise in which the performer lies on his/her back with legs stretched out and feet slightly apart. The performer interlocks the fingers of both hands and places them behind the back of the neck. A partner may hold the feet to prevent them from being lifted up. On signal, the performer sits up touching alternate knee with alternate elbow and then returns to the original lying position.

Speed: This is the ability to move quickly over a period of time. One of the speed activities is the 50 metres dash

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  • 50 metres dash: The runner stands behind the start line. The race is started with the command “On Your Marks, Set, Go.”, the runner runs on top speed to the finish line.