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Gymnastic is an exercise that develops and show the body’s strength and ability to move and bend easily. The exercises in gymnastics require special skills and strength. These exercises are done in a large room with special equipment called gymnasium.

The exercises are grouped into stunts activities and tumbling activities.

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These exercises may be as stunts activities (either single or partner stunts) or tumbling activities.

Stunt activities are very brief performance done to attract attention. It is a warm-up exercise before the actual gymnastics. Some of the stunts in gymnastics include:

  • Bent knee: here, both knees are bent to squat position, heels up and hands tucked under armpit or free or on hips.

  • Crab walk: you sit on the floor, face up, place hand on the floor at the back with fingers pointing towards the feet. Raise body and support its weight by keeping hands and feet on the floor. Keep the back straight and foot flat on the floor. Move forward, backwards or side ways

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  • Dog run: place the hands on the ground and move the right and left hand one after the other. Then move forward with the left hand together with the left foot like a dog.

  • Duck walk: bend the knees to a squat position. Walk with small steps without raising the hips.

  • Egg sit: sit down on the floor and raise the knees to the chest. Then, hold the legs by pressing the hands under the bent knees. Slowly, bend forward like a hen sitting on its egg.

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  • Coffee grinder: place the left hand on the floor. Stiffen your left arm. Extend legs until the body is straightened out. Support your weight with your left foot. Then, move feet around in a circle as your hand pivot on the floor. You can change the position using the right hand.

  • Rock the boat: this is performed with stomach on the floor while the two hands hold on to each of the legs from behind. The head and leg are raised up and down in a continuous movement.

Some of the tumbling activities include the following:

  • Cartwheel: This movement is made sideways continuously. stand with arms spread and legs wide apart. Swing the left arm up and keep the right arm at the side. Throw the weight smoothly to the side, bringing the right arm up and the left arm down. The right arm now comes down to the floor and the right leg follows up.

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  • Headstand: standing on the head instead of the feet for some moments. From a crouch position, place both palms on the ground, shoulder wide apart, fingers pointing forward; place the head down, to be in the middle, but ahead of both hands to form a triangle with them; roll up the body as if to tumble towards the hands and push off with one leg while the other catches up immediately in the air, now gradually raise both legs to a vertical position (to be in a full headstand position, with or without support from the hands).

  • Handstand: Standing on both hands. From the crouch position, place both palms on the ground, shoulder wide apart, fingers pointing forward; walk up the feet one after the other to the hands, and push off with one leg while the other catches it up immediately in the air, and the other body rest on the two hands alone and the other part in the air.

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  • Backward Roll: Rolling backward. Start with a crouch position as if squatting; roll back with the hands moving from the ear until both hands touch the ground behind; with the knees bent, roll up with support from the palm on the floor and the raised legs; rise to a full height with only the hands as support and roll over gently, resting on a sitting position.

  • Forward Roll: rolling forward. Stand with legs astride and place both palms on the ground; the elbows should rest against the inside of the thighs; tuck the chin to the chest, making a rounded back and naturally roll over and sit.