Maintenance of Facilities and Equipment and the need for inspection of playground and equipment

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There is need to store sporting equipment properly because of the following reasons:

  • Some equipment are delicate and need special care for them to last long. For example, leather balls should not be kept on damp grounds.
  • Some equipment need special storage system. For instance, balls made of rubber should not come in contact with direct sunlight for long time because, they may get damaged.

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  • Some equipment need regular care. For instance, racket with wooden frame need application of good brand of wax and polish. It must also be kept in a dry place.
  • Some facilities and equipment get damaged due to constant use and may need some repairs or replacement. For example, nets, boots, etc.
    Shoes (canvas) should be washed with mild detergent and dried properly to prevent fungal growth.

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The need to inspect playground and Equipment
The need to inspect playground and equipment are:

  • Some facilities and equipment can get damaged due to use of and may need some repairs or replacement. For example, nets develop holes after a long period of time and need to be repaired or changed.
  • To ensure that the playground, classroom, fields, court, pools, etc are free from sharp objects, spoilt structures and dangerous animals.
  • To ensure that landing surfaces are softened by foams, sand-dusts and sand. Stones and objects likely to cause injury should be cleared.