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Swimming is the movement of the body through water using the arms and legs. It is a healthy activity that helps swimmer to exercise both body and mind. The primary purpose for swimming includes bathing, cooling and fishing. However, it has now become a recreation exercise and sport.

A swimming stroke: It involves ways of moving the body and limbs while swimming.

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Basic swimming strokes

A stroke or crawl: it refers to one complete movement of the body, arms and legs while swimming in a given style. It is possible to swim by moving only the legs without the arms or only the arms without the legs. Such strokes may be used for a special purpose, training, exercise, etc.

Some of the basic swimming strokes are:

  • Free style: This is the act of performing swimming activities using any style or stroke. It is the best style for those who are learning to swim

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  • Crawl stroke: In this swimming stroke, both hands and legs are used. The face stays in the water while the breath is controlled. The feet are extended at the back, while the arms stretches forward and backward regularly

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  • Breast stroke: In this swimming stroke, both arms are continuously stretched and pulled back together in a circular motion while the legs are pulled forward and backward regularly

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  • Back stroke: This simply means lying on the back to swim. The swimmer makes circular backward movements with each arm as the legs are kicked rhythmically up and down.

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  • Butterfly stroke: In this type of stroke, both arms are lifted at the same time above and over the head while both feet are kicked up and down

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Oh yeah so right . here I am old lady and haven't been in a pool in decades and this is so much I really want to swim but a not pool unless I had my own which I don't and nowhere to put it. but I grew up swimming took four years of swimming lessons. Classes at the YMCA every summer. whenever that we can go there anytime it was open learned how to dive and everything I'd love to swim underwater though but on top of water it be more of my own physical strengths to swim. So after the four lessons we moved to another part of town and I no longer had a pool to swim in and I forgot how to dive so about fifth grade

Thanks @adyssacheryl....swimming is quite an interesting one, once you are in it. the joy and good moments becomes an ever flourishing event and experience which cannot be forgoten.

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