Paul Pogba. It's time to get rid.

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Enough is enough.

I am all for loyalty and have been known to follow my team all the way to the bottom when it happens. I stick up for my teams and theirplayers but even that has it's limits.

It is one thing to keep supporting players when they are going through a rough patch or a team when it is struggling to win matches but in the case of Pogba the loyalty doesn't exist.

It needs to be a two way street. I will back any player that tries hard even if they aren't doing very well but we have the opposite case here. For years he has been showing flashes of brilliance when its suits him to do it. The whole world has seen he is a top player when he wants to be but he has never had the right attitude. Not at united anyway.

He has shone for France and for Juventus but i think he only came back to England for the money before realizing that it's not always the best reason to be there. What good is the money if the joy isn't there. The passion to play and to win. To fight for your club and your team?

He has never shown these qualities since coming back to the team and it's that which frustrates people most of all. Who here wouldn't love to get that chance to play for United or even somebody else. If i got onto that pitch I wouldn't stop running until i couldn't run anymore. I would tackle everything that moved and kill for the cause.

That is what fans can get behind. Instead we get the same shit every few months of him sulking, threatening to move and then showing a few flashes of quality which gets everybody hopeful of him doing something useful before we rinse and repeat the same cycle.

I'm not usually one to talk negatively about players but he has got to go. If the team has any chance of growing stronger together they need to cut out the weak links and he is one of the weakest. He hurts the team and that is not good for anybody. If the manager had a set of balls he would have done it a long time ago. Taken the money and brought in players willing to die for the team. Ones who help united the squad instead of tear it apart.

“I had never known such a difficult period in my career.
“The French national team is a breath of fresh air. We are very happy to come here and all very happy to see each other again.
“It is not the same as with the club. We all group together, it is magical. We realise that everyone is happy to come and that makes a difference.”

"Paul Pogba 17/11/20"

And this is just the latest of many incidents where he has brought the wrong type of attention to the team. There have been constant fights, transfer rumors, gossiping ect....

It has never been about the football with him and never will be.

Time to cut their losses and sell him to whoever is willing to pay some money. God knows we need a few more players and it will come in handy.


Not a team player and will always run others down to make himself look better. He is lazy and arrogant and not someone I would have in my team even if he was free. Too much hassle for what he offers.

It's all about him. It's such a pity that he doesn't want to lead the team and build a legacy for himself. He could be a club legend and drive on the young players that are coming into the team but instead he just complains and bitches his way through the season.

Sell him and get a leader.

I remember well when Pogba played for Juventus, an extraordinary midfielder, impressive physical strength and great tactical skills. Probably in Juve he reached his state of highest physical form then it was a slow decrease.

He was amazing with them. I'm not sure if they could get more out of him in a different position but with the attitude that he has he will never be as good as he should be.
A waste of talent.