Mendy's fortune gives Real Madrid advantage in the UCL.

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As a fan of good football and a lite supporter of Real Madrid, I was really and very much scared for them last night knowing fully well that they had many absent machines that could actually lead to them losing woefully yesterday but..


Though I supported Real yesterday but then, the Red card decision was just too much for that foul on Mendy, yes, it was a card offense but Red seems to be too harsh and hard on Atalanta considering the fact that the game was still very much early and for me, that was actually a not so fair decision from the referee and that spoit the match!

Aside the fact that Real has so many good players absent such as: Benzema, Hazard, Ramos, Rodrygo and many more, the starting team was still quite hopeful especially the strength that remained in their midfield.


After the Red card from first half, I was expecting Real Madrid to survive with a very massive win but seeing them struggle even by playing against 10 men shows how advantageous the Red card was for them.

And luckily for Real Madrid, it seemed like the whole decision was centered on Mendy and Mendy alone. He was fouled for the Red card and later he secure even the winning goal and to crown it all, he made Zidane smile!

All pictures are screenshots from my mobile phone.

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