Reportedly Nicolo Zaniolo is one of the players who glanced at Liverpool

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Nicolo Zaniolo is one of the players who came from As Roma, it is one of the rumors that got from the media. There is another transfer rumor involving Liverpool. The Reds reportedly were glancing at a midfielder from the Italian club AS Roma. According to the Tuttosport report, Liverpool are now monitoring developments around Nicolo Zaniolo. The 20-year-old midfielder was previously linked with Tottenham Hotspur. However, SportsMole said that the current economic situation makes the Lilywhites fail to continue their interest in Nicolo Zaniolo. That's what makes Liverpool now monitor the situation.

It was also mentioned in the report, AS Roma was actually reluctant to release Nicolo Zaniolo because Nicolo Zaniolo was one of the good and professional players. But the Giallorossi still opens the possibility as long as there is a ransom of around 60 million euros, or around Rp 962 billion. Nicolo Zaniolo's contract at AS Roma is still four years away. This season the Italian international has made 18 appearances for Roma before suffering a ligament injury. Hopefully Nicolo Zaniolo can make his choice, even though there are offers from other clubs that are more expensive, and more than anything.

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