Latest champions of Europe🤣❤️❤️

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.Wow wow!! Good evening friends it has finally ended the race of who will be the next champions of Europe,🤣 and Chelsea won the title. If I was told ealier that they gonna be the ones to take the title home I would have bet on it with my last Kobo💵 it got to a point some Chelsea fans stopped believing that they can make it to the top.

However they finally narrowlly made it to become the champions of Europe. Beating the almighty Manchester city one goal to nothing is not an easy thing. After scoring the goal all I that was on my mind was that the city will players will equalize but no they didn't, Chelsea began to care for their dear goal post and made sure nothing goes past the keeper all the defenders at alert 🤔😎

That was really interesting game truth be told. But I will say most of the credits should go to the former coach Mr Lampard in case you don't know that man really changed things in the club before leaving though at that time it never showed out , but I know he changed the mindset of some players and he install some power in them I don't know how. So of we are praising Tuchel we also should do same for Lampard he deserve it.

Chelsea from zero to hero, I was thrilled by their excitement in the changing room after the game, and not lying at all I became jealous, I only could wish it were my club manchesterunited in that position. See the way Chelsea fans were all out that Saturday doing giveaway to other club fans😃🤭 I bluntly refused to collect the one given to me, yes and it was because I was jealous 🤣🤣

Ngolo kante name was just all over the city, please I will advice the authorities to please check again the DNA of that guy let see if he is really a human or a machine 🤔😎 Mhen! That dude is never tired and he seems to be everywhere. I suppose he be taken and giving balloon de or award🤔 or what do you think isn't he qualified? Of cus he is.

And the faces of manchesterunited fans during the giving of price was bad no joy at all on them, well I would say the boys tried, but not their best. They should have put in more effort. I will partially blame the coach also for their failure, he should be that gingaring type of coach that will always be on the side of the pitch to shout on who is not getting it right, not just sitting where even the camera can't see him😃

That is another thing the players need they should be shouted on from time to time, not just let Rashford succeed in all his misfutunes 🤣😎 by being one on one with the keeper and throwing the ball away😰😃. Well it has all ended, I just hope manchesterunited Lean from their mistakes and improve in the future, not just that they should engage in bringing new players, I know they have the money for that so no money should not be an excuse at all.

Let me just stop it here, once again congrats to all the Chelsea and all their supporters you guys deserve it 😄❤️❤️

Thanks for reading through my blog.
Please stay safe love y'all from @obrisgold1 your number one sports man😎


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Congratulations to Chelsea

Yes oh they deserve it🙏

I am looking forward to seeing what they do next season in EPL

Exactly all eyes on them. I trust them we Al gonna be let down 🤣🤣

Yes oh they deserve it😎

Who would've believed? They really defiled the odds. Kante is such a machine, the little man bodied the entire midfield.

The fluid Manchester City attacks neutralised. Tuchel is really a technical genius. Under 3 months and totally transformed the team.

Hope they resume the coming season with such momentum. All hail the new champions of Europe. Congratulations to them

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I would never have believed they would win. This is a true definition of never look down on anyone because no one knows tomorrow.

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Yeah. No one gave them the chance and the current king of Europe

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You are very correct

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Exactly, even me I never believed in Chelsea infact I almost refused to watch the match, claiming I know the winner will be City but I magically found myself watching the game. And I was proven wrong by Chelsea 🤣🤣 and all the other fans could do was laugh at me😎🤣

I can imagine how funny it was😂

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Till this moment I kept wondering what kind of human he is, hopefully pride don't take over his head😰😄 and he begin to play shit.

We all are waiting for next season. I assure you they will all disappoint us all 🤣.

They indeed deserve the title they work for it real hard

At this stage I don't he will. He seems to be naturally humble. I just hope he doesn't feel complacent after achieving all football has to offer

I hope they deal with likely pressure they are to face as they are now the team to beat after been crowned king of Europe.

Yeah. Truly deserved. No argument about it

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At this stage I don't he will. He seems to be naturally humble. I just hope he doesn't feel complacent after achieving all football has to offer

I hope so too.

And for sure they will be under high pressure next season don't think they will be able to hold on to that title for long🤔🤔

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For life my brother, I rejoice with you all, you deserve to be called the champ of Europe