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Yesterday’s games at the king power stadium was damn bad, after parading themselves as the FA CUP champions now because of their performance last weekend they have no chances of winning the FA league. The formation was good but I think they was someone missing, Rashford was not in the pitch added with the late changes made buy the coach. He should not have bench Bruno and Cavani, they should have started the match.

But most fans are now blasting the coach and some are saying he should be sacked but they were the same people who were happy with the coach after the match between Manchester United vs Manchester City, they were all singing praises on him now he is a bad coach, that is the mindset a lot of fans are having which is actually not good. The coach did his best it was left for the players also to use their head. The coach will not come and play the game for them he will only tell them what to do and their duty is to follow.

What I saw in yesterday’s games was Leicester players were at their best they put in more effort in the game they were running up and down doing what they know best but Manchester United were not able to follow up. And the eagerness to score was not there, United lack players in the bench that are eager to play in any match and perform well, take a look at Iheanacho my Nigerian brother that score two goals yesterday for instance. He was giving an opportunity to play because Madoson is on injury, so he put more effort and made sure he nailed it.

I don’t see such a spirit in any Manchester United player. For Fred I wouldn’t blame him, its football anything can happen with à player he has been excellent for the past 5 months so let us give him our support and encourage him. Manchester United for life in sorrow or joy.


I don’t think there’s any blame to be put on the coach. I believe he does what’s best for the team and happened that things didn’t turn out well.

I Dey with you brother ✌🏽✌🏽For life!

I don’t think there’s any blame to be put on the coach.

exactly, that is what i was saying but most fans don't understand they should just leave the man alone he is doing his best.

Manchester United for life brother, cheers!

I gues a lot of them are letting their emotions cloud their judgement.

Cheers !!

yeah you are right, that is what is killing us the most.

Yes it is. Hope thing can be more better in the future.

yeah i hope so too, lets hope and pray. just heard that cavani will not be renewing his contract after it expires he blame it on the much failures in the club. it annoys me instead of him to see how he can make the team improve he is running out.

It doesn't surprise me to see him wanting to leave. I also don't think he has to put the blame on anyone.

If he's not here to build together with the team then I don't have much to say about that. I believe we can do better without him.

United has its own flops too but we at least did better than last season in the premier league, so I think that's a good place to start .
We'll get better with time, good thing does take time.

yeah indeed good thing do take time. if he likes he leave but i will still be with my united.