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Hello guys from yesterday’s game I came to a conclusion that Manchester United club are no more on the track if they are going to win the race. Until the likes of OGS, Lindelof, Martial are out of Manchester United, nothing like title for us. You guys are bunch of wastes. Up till this moment I wonder how Maguire became a Manchester United player.

De gea is best goalkeeper no doubt ...most times he saves us but whenever he makes a mistake its big issue all over the media why is it so... look our defense the likes of Maguire and lindelof if they make mistakes goes to keeper... it shouldn’t always be De gea’s fault, he's a human he can make mistakes like other players. If u want players to blame, blame .Maguire, Olé Martial and Lindelof they are the ones to blame in most Manchester United’s match. If DDG needs to be dropped then sell Maguire and lindelof too because it doesn't matter which goal keeper we use with those to in front it's a disaster.

The match with real socieder letter this weekend I can’t even predicts but if I should say anything if those two guys are played then it’s going to be a draw real socieder to win.


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