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Every blessed day I wake up and see sport price rising they is this inner joy I get, gradually sport token itself is gaining grounds as it should be. This is what we need to be seeing. Every day we get newbie on the platform, please as you come don’t just sit there you have to be active. Am encouraging such to please start now bring up more investment ideas and put it to work. We have to work together make sure whatever you don’t understand ask questions.

Right from January we see the price of sport began to rise up and up consistently. Not too long we got into the new month I was still observing the sport price list at first it started with as little as 0.0004 HIVE but as at today February 4th, booms to 0.00036 HIVE we are definitely heading somewhere.

At times when I look back at when sport was 0.0002 HIVE so cheap I didn’t even had the chance to buy. Had I known it would be like this now I would have used the money I squandered lavishly then, to buy more of sport tokens? Never the less I still believe it’s not too late.

Welcome to sportstalksocial a place for sports lovers, the only game that can bring peace and calmness to a society. No matter how bad it may be sport has the spirit of bringing togetherness be it black or white. I vividly remembered during my days in secondary school I had a fight with my colleague I decided not to talk to him again, but during the school inter-house sports competitions we were in the same team. We played so well and won the trophy until we hugged and didn’t even realized it was fun everybody was happy we forgot about the issues we had.

Feel free guys you are in sportstalksocial you are free to talk about any of your favorite sport If you love to talk about sports, this community is manly for that. And don’t forget to engage in the contents of your friends and also give out upvotes. Thank you very much for reading my post please do well leave your comments in the comments section of this post, don’t forget using in posting.


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