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Friends it was yet another interesting Game yesterday, Manchester United vs Ac Milan. No doubt the both team were really prepared for the match and they both put in a lot of efforts but as it should be in most games they must be a winner and it was finally decided as Manchester United end up winning the match. It is all agreed that Manchester United are now through, to the quarter-finals of the UEFA League after beating their rivals AC Milan at San Siro.

Harry Maguire was sensational again yesterday as he's been for the past weeks. Yes it was against a weakened Milan lineup with no strikers but even when Zlatan came on, both him and Lindelof didn't look out of place at all.
On a personal note, this brings so much happiness considering I have been standing behind the man for so long so far when the fan-base gave up after Greece and all those things that happened in the summer.

Because of Super-sub pogba’s magical goal in the 48th minute, has made the Reds go through to the last eight with a 1-0 triumph and a 2-1 victory on aggregate what a good finish for the red. I can only say paul pogba is yet another good thing that has ever happened to Manchester United, he marked his return to the United after being away due to injury, with what I will say a good come back goal within three minutes of coming on as a half-time substitute by Ole Gunner.

That was what I was saying that the guy pogba is still very good and needed in Mufc, but some of my friends where on the opinion that he should be sold out he is this and he is that… but now they see why he is still very much needed in the team, The goal was his fifth and only his second as a substitute in 31 appearances off the bench for United is this not a good record for pogba?

Manchester United are now successfully through to the quarter finals of the Europa league and this is the third time since the name was changed from the UEFA CUP. I could remember in 2017/2016 when they were supposed to be the winner of the league but was knocked out by servile, it was indeed very annoying. I hope this time they will be the ones to take the trophy and no one else, Manchester United for life.


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