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Like father like son, Following his fathers footsteps, Thiago Silva's Son, Lago, recently signs for Chelsea football academy. I would say it is a very big move for the lad, choosing a club like Chelsea, is really a big bold step taking by him.

Well done boy. You will be greater than your father. I see in him a personality more than his father. that kid will create history for Chelsea in the near future. from the moment Thiago Silva entered Chelsea he has transformed Chelsea's defense into something nice, with Lampard's side having kept six clean sheets in the eight games he had played since his free transfer.

It is mind blowing how Chelsea spent whooping 200million pounds just on signing this summer transfer window alone, but a recruit thiago who was brought in free of charge is proving to be one of Frank Lampard's best swoops isn't this exciting?.

I wish this lad success in his new team, and welcome to the club of champions.