Sports will be ending

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Yesterday I had said that sports would rise above its last limit and it seems that today it can be the same since sport after a surprise climb yesterday decreased its price but it is well above its last drop what it takes to the conclusion that sports can go up in the next hours.




yeah I think sports stabilize its price because there were lots of buys but their not much difference in BID AND ASK

Sports aun le falta mucho para aumentar sus precios creo que su equipo debe hacer llamar la atencion de las personas demaciadas fichas en juego

One person buying spending 170 Hive is nothing to get excited about. It is positive but I wouldn't read much into this right now as we need many new accounts to be buying.

Si realmente es asi, pero no solo cuentas si no también quemar token hay demaciados en juego y disminuir el poder de votacion

No solo cuentas nuevas si no quemar token hay demasiados y disminuir el poder de voto