The struggle for two strong English Premier League teams

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The Premier League will last 10 hours, Chelsea against Everton at Stamford Bridge.
This match will face two teams who are competing hard to qualify for the Champions League zone next season. The fourth place in the Premier League standings is contested by the two teams. Everton, who have now received 46 points and are in 5th place in the provisional standings, the difference is only 1 point with Chelsea, who are now in fourth place with 47 points in the Premier League temporary standings.


Heads up @hypnochain and @dannychain. Another post not related to hypnosis - and it's in English this time!😅😄

Let's keep our fingers crossed but oen thing for sure is that Chelsea will come out strong even though Everton team are also strong and I know the match will be a tough one considering the two teams are great teams but I know Chelsea are in more better shape than the Everton team.

Many Chelsea players are injured. will this team survive?