New Advertising Payout for

Ad payouts are starting to happen more frequently now! After receiving an ad payout just two weeks ago we're back with news of a new 100k set of satoshis in the SPORTS proposal system.


On May 30th, a-ads paid out 0.00100103 BTC to @sports-gov's swap.btc address. With this and our previous payouts we now have 0.00297218 BTC available for SPORTS projects through our SPORTS proposal system. These funds are available now for anyone to make a proposal against.


I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who's already adopted using our site for viewing sports content on Hive. Each eyeball helps bring value back into the tribe to complete new projects in the future!


Hey patrick , I have some idea of how we can provide a usecase for SPORTS , can you hit me up on discord when you are free ?

I will handle everything if you like it and you can just cross-verify once in a while . I think you will like my idea :)

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If @amr008 is involved, its going to be good :-)

Indeed, AMR is just an awesome buddy

Definitely with you people on the ride,I have full believed and assurance in whatever you people are bringing on board

That will be awesome. Waiting to see you share insights on the project.

Great work Patrick! Has anyone developed a footer that community members could add to the end of blogs to encourage people to read/interact via sportstalksocial as opposed to other front ends? I'd offer to do it myself but making pretty things isn't really my forte

Any idea when the proposals will start up again? I know you have been quite busy with real life lately.

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SPORTS Proposal System: I'd love to learn more!

Hey Shawn! Are you familiar with the DHF? It's kind of similar. We partnered with the ARCHON tribe to launch a system where anyone can do work for the tribe and be rewarded with SPORTS tokens or any other assets held in one of the Sports Talk Social accounts (@sports-gov, @sportstalksocial, @sportswitness).

The goal is to decentralize services for the tribe. If someone has a way they feel they can bring value to the ecosystem then they can post a proposal (details on how are in the link above) and any SPORTS stakeholders get to vote on that proposal. If it reaches quorum (51% of stake voting) and is voted with approval then the code presented in the proposal will execute. This can be used for a number of things but most importantly now is rewarding contribution to the tribe ecosystem.

I hope that gives a decent introduction. As you look at that initital post and have questions, let me know! I'd love to see where someone's mind, who hasn't been exposed to it already, goes as they read more about it.

Gotcha! Conceptually over my head as to what is possible there - I'll stick to a plan to provide regular content!

Nice payout. Would love to see some more proposals

Maximum respect and honor goes to you Patrick as I hope to see more proposal,good one

Interesting to see this report with SPORTS ads revenue. Gradually, the income is accumulating and it will make more meaning over time.