Bengals Are 0-2 Yet I'm Still Excited

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I can't begin to talk about how excited I've been about Cincinnati sports in 2020. I don't know if it's correlated to the chaos in the world but how bad Cincinnati has been all of my life and this year we have playoff dreams in baseball and a football team that's going to continue to be more and more interesting to watch for the first time makes me feel like it's unleashed chaos in the rest of the world. Regardless of some curse extending to the rest of the world beyond Cincinnati it's still a good time to be a sports fan in the Queen city.

Let's Get the Ugly Out of the Way

The Bengals lost again on Thursday night.

It wasn't for a lack of an effort. Offense and defense fought hard but Baker Mayfield and the Browns were just a better team overall. There were a couple key mistakes we could talk about but overall it came down to the fact that the Browns converted a couple key mistakes into points that kept them higher on the board.

The Bright Side

Joe Burrow is proving to be a stud. Even with Cincinnati's porous offensive line Burrow was able to complete 37 for 61 attempts on Thursday night with three touchdowns and no interceptions.

It's not just that Burrow is an excellent quarterback. He's showing to be more important as a leader. If you need any evidence of this look at the fact we have guys who swore they'd never wear the Bengals jersey again seeking to be resigned with the team. More importantly you can see it just in that highlight video above. The rest of the team is playing hard for this young quarterback. That's a good sign for someone you want to rebuild your team around. That alignment makes me excited for what's to come with Cincinnati football.

Next Game

The Bengals will head on to Philadelphia to play against the Eagles next Sunday at 1pm. I'm not optimistic for the outcome on this one but I'll still be tuning into CBS to watch the Bengals show what they have available to them.


I always appreciate when people remain fans of teams that are consistently bad. The antithesis of the ol' fair weather fan indeed. Let's hope they can get a few wins in this year. I feel bad for the Bengals and would like to see a turnaround of the franchise.

That's a skill I've been able to practice by supporting Cincinnati sports teams all these years. I still get excited for my Redlegs every year only to be let down come September (and usually much sooner.)

I'm actually hoping we just stay competitive in all of our games but lose out lol. I wouldn't mind to draft some more quality young talent to help make 2021 actually fun to watch. If we could get a line for Burrow to work with then this could all get even more interesting.