Cats continue slide, fall to Georgia Tech 79 - 62

The young basketball Cats are continuing to have issues early on in their season. Sunday night the Cats played the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and gave up their third consecutive loss of the season. It's caused the Cats to now fall from the top 25 and left many wondering if the Cats will be able to find the pieces needed to come together and play as a solid team.

I can't say that I have those worries yet. As a seasoned Calipari watcher I expect these young teams to come in playing like trash. I didn't even have the best hopes going into this and chose to play video games instead of watching live. If basketball is allowed to continue then there's still plenty of season left for them to come together. I won't be ready to make a judgement on them just yet for where this season goes.

Kentucky WildcatsGeorgia Tech Yellow Jackets

"We had 21 turnovers and they got 30 points off them. I mean you probably don't have to speak on anything else." - John Calipari

That more or less sums up everything about this game. The Cats have enough talent to play anyone but until they start playing together they're going to continue to give up easy turnovers and allow baskets from them. If Calipari can get these guys to learn to make the extra pass and find the best play then they'll be in a fine spot.

Kentucky will be looking ahead to this Saturday to get away from this poor opening streak. They are set to play the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at noon. Fortunately for the Cats this one will be played in Lexington giving their young players some semblance of being at home. This one might be tougher to be seen unless your local CBS affiliate is showing the game but should at least give the Cats a better chance at victory.