February SportsTalkSocial.com Advertising Report

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This is the first advertising report since launching the revised advertising system for SportsTalkSocial.com. I anticipate posting this report monthly to keep the community abreast of how advertising is progressing for the tribe.

Now that we are a month in to the new advertising system for SportsTalkSocial.com we are already half way to making a BTC payout for the ads we've run! I anticipate that by the report next month that I'll also be reporting new revenue for the @sports-gov account to use. As it stands now we have 0.00051195 BTC (~$25) accumulated thus far with a requirement of 0.001 BTC for withdrawal.


I didn't turn on the new advertisements until February 4th so I don't have the data for what our impressions looked like before that time integrated into this report. That being said you can see we had an overall positive trend with a slight drop off at the end of the month.


With only using one advertising platform at the moment (a-ads.com) we are limited in what ads are going to be shown. Because of that I don't know that we'll always get ads that are interesting to everyone. I'll be looking to add additional ad partners over time so that we can get a wider assortment of advertisements that might be interesting to more people.


Overall I'm satisfied with this first month and look forward to the upcoming payout for this. It should help bring more value back into the tribe.

Advertise With Us!

Are you looking to advertise with a growing community? If so we'd love to display your ad to our audience! Please reach out to patrickulrich#1973 via the SportsTalkSocial Discord or leave a comment below to get your ad shown to our community today.


It's great progress as we can use the revenue towards something the community wants.

About the ads on the site, I can only say is that I see gambling ads. Given the edge they have, I know that gambling on their platforms overall leads to a lost. So I can only saw I don't want to click on them. I still let the ads run on my browser so it should help a little bit.

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Yes! I'm hoping we can get to 0.001 before any BTC breakout. The more BTC goes up the harder it'll be to beat the price increase.

That's another reason I'd like to find even more vendors is to increase our overall inventory of advertising. I'm not opposed to the gambling ads, especially if they are sports gaming, but I'd really like to see even more on target ads geared towards sports fans.

Nice Start.
Will this income is used to burn sports from Hive-Engine or put in some kind of development fund?

Once we reach 0.001 BTC it's set to auto-withdraw to @sports-gov's swap.btc address. From there it'll be up to the community to make a proposal for how to utilize those funds. I imagine there will be proposals for all of the above as we start building up more funds.

Yes, more engagement (and users) will definitely result in more clicks. Still very early days. As some of these things roll out in other areas, I would think there would definitely be some spillover into SPORTS. I mean, who doesn't love sports? :-) Fun to see things grow from infancy.

Definitely, there has been an incredible improvement in the engagement within the Sportstalk tribe. It can only get better in the coming weeks.

Yes! I'm very thankful for @amr008's Engagement project. I hope we can use tools like that to bring more fun to the table.

Agreed! I think we need to revisit our current staking benefit for ad-free viewing as well. I think it's drastically under set and would personally like to see it removed altogether. I think that'll add a lot to the mix this month as we visit that discussion.

As the engagement increases we will certainly see these numbers growing up. Secondly we can publish the rates of banner ads for direct advertisement on the platform in may be sports tokens so that there is application of a the currency in trade.

I agree. I personally think there's still a few more pieces to the the puzzle missing. I'd like to see the staking benefit of ad free viewing removed or, at the very least, the amount required drastically increased so more ads are shown to our higher usage users. I'd also like to see some kind of off site penalty implemented to encourage more utilization of the site versus other venues. I think solving both of those will allow our increased engagement to be even more valuable.

I had planned to use the CPM of the month prior for direct ad purchase cost. I think adding that to the post is a great idea though and will update this one with it soon.

We are taking steps with each of these updates! We still have a long way to go, but I feel very optimistic about our community!

I agree! I think if we keep putting one foot in front of the other before long we'll look back and realized we've travelled a long way together.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we'll have out user engagement double or triple the present statistics.

that's great news

One foot in front of the other. My goal is just cutting the time it takes to withdrawal down each time.

As it stands now we have 0.00051195 BTC (~$25) accumulated thus far with a requirement of 0.001 BTC for withdrawal.

This is quite amazing for this community. Just in a matter of some months, this Community of the people loving sports has accumulated so much BTC.

This is really a good improvement. Bravo guys.

Thank you for the kind words @eldecor! I hope this is only the start and over time we can make this look laughable at what we had when we got started.

Will you be willing to use another ad network along with a-ads?

Can we check out Ethereum ads? Can we give it a try?

What advantages do that have over the present system? How about gas fees? Just curious.

It never hurts to have options and slowly test their CPM against other networks. It'll also be good to have multiple networks to share our attention to if a-ads runs low on inventory.

Hmm interesting. Maybe we should try it if we can run multiple

We definitely can with our ad system. I've put out some requests and working to get us verified with other networks.

I'm definitely down for adding others as long as they have reasonable restrictions for content. I signed up for a few other programs today in hopes of expanding. We can also accept directly for SPORTS as well if anyone wanted to pay a set CPM and burn.

Well we will have Swap.ETH most probably on HE so that will become easier too . It works based on auction itseems so I thought we could give it a try .

I signed up for a few other programs today in hopes of expanding.

You mean ad programs or other programs like the Dbuzz initiative ? BTW love that concept :)

Waoh. As small as it is. It's still the begining of great things here when it comes to adds revenue.
I believe with time when more engagement comes it will also affect the amount coming in too.

I agree on all counts. I think once we get some other pieces added in we'll be in even clearer waters.

Hitting $25 at the very start is decent. Things would shape up in the coming months and hopefully we could start drawing out as much as $500 and even more from ad revenue. That would mean a whole lot for the SPORTS token.

Yeah it's not bad at all. I was expecting a month and a half before we hit a payout. My mental goal is finding ways to cut that payout time in half. We do that enough and $900 a month will be well within reach.

Things can only get better from here.

This is actually a good start.

It is a good start. When people use the native front end more, posts, comments, and engagement increase, there will be more traffic. This site will get SEO benefits more when posts are published on the native front end. New users can land on SporsTalkSocial from search engines.

So amazing news! Looking forward to see the revenue progress each month now! :)

The figure I see here is great. Really ads revenue can give a facelift to SPORTS