MLBPA has rejected the current proposal for 2020 season

The MLB Players Association has rejected the most recent owners proposal to resume baseball. This isn't entirely surprising given the owners have generally made the same
proposal each time. They seem stuck at asking players to accept a third of their initial pay regardless of the season length.

I have to say I understand where the players are coming from in this arguement. After already agreeing to a pay cut at the onset of the covid outbreak, players have already made concessions to help clubs make ends meet. Now clubs are wanting more concessions as it becomes evident that fans will not be a part of this return to the American past time.

This all means that I'm not anticipating getting my baseball fix in on the Fourth of July. Instead I'm guessing it will be the end of July at best before we see regular season baseball kick off. I'll continue to hope I'm wrong but I'm definitely not going to hold my breathe.

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I think you are dreaming with no fans in the seat no food sales, no beer sales and very little in the t shirts and stuff sales, the teams will loose a ton if they pay the players at regular pay rates. Very sad to see but I do not think the season will happen at all at this rate I hope I am wrong but time will tell

I get the owners are losing a lot of money. That being said they've yet to show financial records which makes me believe that they will still have more than enough funds to cover costs. If they didn't then they would be keen to disclose those to help with negotiations.

I definitely still think there will be play. If they only play 50 games then that would bring the players pay down to around the numbers that owners are looking for. Since owners get the final say in how many games I'm sure they will send them out for a couple months to get the TV checks alone. No reason to leave the big money on the table when they can still play an extremely abbreviated season and soak those funds in.