New Advertising Payout for

Just like that and we have another advertising payout from the ads that run on!


On May 13th, a-ads paid out 0.00100118 BTC to @sports-gov's swap.btc address. With this and the payout from last week we now have 0.00198117 BTC available for SPORTS projects through our SPORTS proposal system. These funds are available now for anyone to make a proposal against.


I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who's already adopted using our site for viewing sports content on Hive. Each eyeball helps bring value back into the tribe to complete new projects in the future!


Indeed a great news that ads are paying and we are getting budget for development.

Fantastic. Indeed great news for a group that is growing in the blockchain.

This is great. Any idea when the the proposals will start up again?

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This to me is just s great beginning. More bigger things to emerge and it will all add up.

Is that the total amount of BTC we've got so far over the last two months of running ads?




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