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RE: Who's in for a 10-day Token Staking Campaign? 1.88M SPORTS Staked/Delegated, Over 600 SP to reward Users who join- 17/01/2020

I'm happy to add NPFL, and the associated teams, to the navigation panel. That would give each team it's own trending, hot and new section to see what people are saying about them. I'll try to get it up this weekend! When it's ready you'll be able to click 'football' on the left menu followed by 'leagueplay' and then 'npfl' to jump straight into the league conversations.


One more thing, is it possible to create incentives for clubs that will join us here or create a proposal/special funding programmes for such tasks as this. It could power up our onboarding strides.

Yes this can be arranged through @sportspartners. Any major clubs or leagues interested in joining will be offered a SPORTS delegation to reward their fans for discussing their club on the platform.


It's live now! You can see the trending just for NPFL by heading to

Each individual team is represented too. You can see the trending posts about the Abia Warriors by going to the NPFL league and clicking 'abiawarriors' below the league. Alternatively you can find them by heading to

The left side bar will have each team listed. If there is a common tag being used to represent a team over what I've listed please don't hesitate to let me know!

Thank you so very much for adding #npfl to leagues on #sportstalksocial community. It the me that the tiny efforts am putting in are appreciated. I hope the community would join me on Twitter to make so much noise about tjis platform. It'll be a booster for us.

I'm down to support a 5,000 SPORTS/tweet per user for day campaign on ShareBits too. That way anyone on Steem can be rewarded for sharing Steem/SPORTS to the NPFL and it's partnered clubs via Twitter.

Great to hear. I've been consistently tweeting about #Sportstalksocial and this is where I am engaging the #npfl teams.

This is legendary @Patrickulrich. I'm motivated the more by this singular gesture.