Reds finish season with winning record; heading to playoffs

I can't believe it but the Cincinnati Reds are going to the playoffs! After riding a rocket over the final 3 weeks of the regular season the Reds finished above .500 with a 31-29 record. This will be enough to score them the 7th seed in the MLB playoffs.

Reds Baseball Sky - Megan Hood - Pixabay

After the Reds beat the ALC-winning Twins on Sunday they had won their last 5 series which helped propel them back from a season high 6 games below even. This was after they spent the first two thirds of the season under performing leaving them in the predicament they found themselves after splitting a 4 game series with the Pirates at the beginning of September. Fortunately they made a great turnaround and have pieced enough together to move forward as a wild card.

First Round Playoffs

Now that the Reds have put in the hard work to close out the regular season it's time to look ahead to what they'll be facing this week.

Since Milwaukee failed to beat the Cards today Saint Louis scored the second place ranking for the NLC leaving the Reds as the 7th placed team. This means Cincinnati be facing the 2nd seeded Atlanta Braves in Truist Park.

Game 1 - Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Game 2 - Thursday, October 1, 2020
Game 3 - Friday, October 2, 2020

The reason the Reds were able to make the playoffs was due to the phenomenal pitching their SP brought down the line. If there was ever a time for Trevor Bauer to show why he deserves the Cy Young then it's going to be bringing his heat to this series opener. The Braves have been one of the best hitting teams in baseball so the Reds are going to need everything they can get from their rotation to keep the Braves at bay.


This postseason will be full of surprises with the classification of Toronto and San Francisco, since these two teams in particular tend to be hard to beat at this stage, in fact in 2014 the Giants ended up as champions after qualifying via a wild card. Good post, greetings.