There's a new group of essential workers in Florida

I'm not talking nurses, firemen or police though many of these guys have played those roles over the year. No this time Florida's governor DeSantis has deemed WWE an essential business for the state of Florida.

This makes a lot of sense when you realize the WWE's Performance Center is where WWE has been taping it's shows for airing. Without this exclusion from Florida's safe at home order WWE would have to cancel a number of television events. The fact the McMahon's also made a sizable commitment to adverting buys in the Tampa area couldn't have hurt the decision any either.

Don't get me wrong I'll be happy to tune into WWE for something to watch but it's not the sport I really care returns or not. In fact I would probably rather have an XFL return over professional wrestling in today's limited sporting events.

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Florida's Governor Deems WWE "Essential Services"
Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an exemption to his own stay-at-home order allowing some sports and media businesses to continue operating.


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LOL Vince knows how to play the game, regardless of what you think of him he always finds a way to deliver

Isn't that the truth! He's definitely earned the ruthless title.