Updated SportsTalkSocial.com Advertising Report

I'm sorry for the month off but I'm extremely happy to be here to issue the newest advertising report for SportsTalkSocial.com! The past couple months have seen a number of ad payouts for our tribe bringing a new set of resources we'll be able to use to do things with.

sportstalk - 640x480.png

Since I missed the report in May I've included that dataset for this report as well. Next month we'll go back to only having a single month of data but I wanted to at least show the numbers here for anyone interested in what our May report would have looked like.

May & June Revenue

We are adding an average $0.57 to our holdings each day through our advertising revenue. While that isn't much it's something that we can at least use to build from. May had a bit of a dip but through June we've seen a pretty strong holding above $0.50 and nearly touching $0.80.

May & June's Impressions

Over the last two months we've had a solid average of 1700 impressions each day! Those new eyeballs are coming in for all the great content everyone is bringing to the table. I personally thank everyone that's written a post over the last two months for giving people something to come check out!


While we've cumulatively been paid out 396,305 satoshis to our Hive-Engine wallet we still have another 46,342 satoshis in our a-ads.com balance that will payout to us once we cross 100,000 satoshis.

Alexa Rank Update


Our Alexa rank has actually improved since the last report. In May our Alexa rank came in at 662,084 while today we moved up over 200,000 places to come in at 437,711. Despite that growth our site metrics have taken a bit of a hit comparatively to last report. We are down in engagement, time on site and our bounce rate.


Advertise With Us!

Are you looking to advertise with a growing community? If so we'd love to display your ad to our audience! Please reach out to patrickulrich#1973 via the SportsTalkSocial Discord or leave a comment below to get your ad shown to our community today.


Thank you for sparing time to update us with this. We'll appreciate you carve out some time to make a presence each week. I'm happy some tangible things are building up from the ad revenue. It can only get better.

I agree! Have you seen the new work on outposts? I'd like to see us do something along this line when it gets more polished.

Great to see this report. Shows we are grraduallly climb up the ladder. I believe we will do much better in the coming months as engagement level increases

I agree! There's a lot of exciting new features being built into Hive Engine every day. I look forward to us adopting them as quickly as possible.

Nice report. Its nice to see the BTC coming into the account. Do you know when the proposals will start up again?

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The proposal system is still active but no one has made any that I've seen recently. I have some in mind to help get us into the new outposts and to potentially start @sportswitness back up with beefier hardware but I haven't written them up yet.

Thank you for this report, it does make me happy to belong to such a growing and upward looking community. Kudos

You're more than welcome! Happy to have you along for the ride!

What's a nice update. Engagement is the key to move this community forward. God report from you just continue your good job

Thank you very much @johnsennimaat! I appreciate the support.

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