Updates to SportsTalkSocial Interface

I wanted to share some updates to the SportsTalkSocial.com website that should make using the site a bit easier for some sporting fans! These updates, and more, have all been pushed to the site's GitHub over the last week.

Updated Sidebar / Suggestive Tags List

I've updated the sidebar and suggested tag list with a few new changes. These range over a number of sports with a primary focus on supporting the Olympics.

Olympic Sports

The biggest change has been moving lots of tags under #olympics to make sure every sport in the Olympics have a home for conversation. If you click the tag above on SportsTalkSocial.com you'll then see suggestive tags for each sport with some grouped together like #watersports.

Atlantic League Professional Baseball

#alpb conversation now has a home on SportsTalkSocial.com! This includes support for each team in the league under the sidebar and suggestive tags lists under #alpb. Baseball fans like @shufunk should be happy to see this!

Removed XFL

#xfl has been a ghost town for a while. There's still talks that the league may come back with new ownership but until then we've removed the entire group from the site for now.

Updates to Suggestive Tags for other Tribes

To make it easier for users of other tribes we included #tribes section as a top level tag before. We've since moved that under #hive-engine where you'll be able to find #actifit and #tribes. We've added the tribe tags for a number of other tribes to the tribe section for anyone who'd like to share to other communities when posting here. If there's another tribe that we've overlooked please let us know in the comments below and we'll make sure to update in the future!

Added a SportsTalkSocial Beechat Room

We now have a SportsTalkSocial Beechat room. You can now chat in real time with other sports fans by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen. There you'll see a room for SportsTalkSocial Main Chat that anyone on the site can post in.

Removed @sportspartners from excluded accounts

Now that @sportspartners has been fully powered down and moved into @sportsprojects I've removed them from the excluded accounts list. This list excludes the accounts listed from showing in the tribe ownership stats on the main page. The only accounts listed now are @sportsprojects and @sports-gov.

Added #sportsignore to Tribe's Ignore List

I've added #sportsignore to the Trending Tags to Ignore list. This will allow reports from @sportstalksocial to be posted without taking over the trending page once the posting bot is updated for the new hardfork.

Merged with Hive Engine Upstream

@eonwarped has merged the site with the upstream changes from the main tribe sites. This brought our site in line with the main repo for other tribes. During one of these our site's voting percentages were incorrectly being pulled but @eonwarped's quick work fixed this bug to get our numbers looking right again. Thank you @eonwarped for all you do for the ecosystem!

Help Contribute

If you'd like to help contribute to the growth of the site please consider making a pull request on https://github.com/sportstalk/nitrous. We'd love to have more minds working to make the site better!


Cool updates with some incredible features, Excited on beechat inclusion in particular

Beechat is an easy way to stay connected on site and I'm stoked we have it in time for the Olympics. It'll be cool to see chat flying through during big events.

Have you seen the new Outpost upgrades from the Hive Engine team? They've set up a test demo site for the CINE tribe here:


I'm interested in hearing if this is something our tribe is interested in adopting as well.

Thanks for the update and thanks for the additions that'll make using the sportstalk frontend more seamless. We're growing

Have you seen the new Outpost feature from the Hive Engine team? Here's an example:


@aggroed has made a few videos discussing it lately as well. It just went live as something we can upgrade to. I'd love to start hearing opinions.

I'm checking that out. Thanks.

Do you want to hold another governance vote for penalty on post that do not come from Native interface?
I am saying this because I see few of the top whales are now changed.

I'm not opposed to it. It'd be interesting to see if there was any change in sentiment among the tribe.

I'm also interested in the new Outposts feature that Hive Engine is rolling out. @aggroed has talked about it a bit in some of his HE meetings but its essentially a new condenser format with NFT features built in. I'd love to hear what you think about that project too at some point.

@tipu curate

Thanks for the updates on the changes to Sports Talk Social community.
Integration of Beechat is one of the nice ones to have.

Good day :)

Beechat is a nice tool to connect with directly on site. It'll be cool to see if its used to chat about live events in the Olympics.

I'm going to work on adding some more for SEO purposes. I'm also interested in getting more opinions on adopting the Outpost feature from Hive Engine. Here's an example @aggroed has referenced:


I'd be willing to do a proposal for it but just gathering opinions. Thanks for stopping by!

So, that will be an nft integrated frontend just like sportstalksocial.com which is running on hive engine testnet, or any other stuffs it will have? Sorry, I am just trying to know about the link shared.

That would be my goal is to use https://sports.army as our Outpost based site. I'd like to still keep SportsTalkSocial.com as our traditional site under this branch of Nitrous.

Both sites would use SPORTS as their tokens. The Outpost version does have an NFT focus which my preference would be to make it based around sports photography, among other uses like ticketing, that helps to build a commerce need for licensing.

Great thinking with ticketing to build a commerce.
Best wishes with that, happy to be associated with Sports Talk Social as a blogger and curator.

Wishing you a great day :)

ah fuck yeh! I been hoping the Atlantic league will be noticed soon. So many good players in that league. I hope others talk about their favorite team in the league even if it's only 8 teams right now. Next season there will be 10!

I agree on the Atlantic League. I think supporting it makes a ton of sense for SPORTS since I can't imagine there's too many social homes for them. I'd love if we could bring more fans into the fold and create some quality conversation on it here.

Thanks for the update. It's nice to see some things get done on the interface.

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Have you been keeping up with @aggroed's posts about new Hive Engine functions? I'm interested in doing an Outpost for SPORTS but trying to see if I'm the only one interested or if the rest of the tribe would be interested too.

I purchased sports.army a while back and thought it would be excellent to deploy as the Outpost site. If you've not seen them yet @aggroed has shared a demo for CINE in the past https://cinetv.outpost.dtools.dev/.

Would love to get your thoughts sometime!

Well it looks nice but I have a feeling that we may need more communities and stuff like that first. The new UI change would be nice and better than the current one though

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I'll go look at his latest post and I will get back to you.

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Good updates. Nice seeing some changes in the platform website. The bee chat integration is a good one. Particularly more excited about that.

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I'm really excited for the beechat during big matches. I've enjoyed the daily chat threads but it'll be interesting to see the beechat humming alongside them.

Have you seen the Outposts that @aggroed has posted about? They are a slightly modified version of the condenser. It's a bit of a cost for the upgrade but I'd definitely be interested if the tribe was as well.

Not yet. I guess I will have to check it out. I trust it must be a good one for you to consider it.

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Thanks for your update!
I used #olympic and it's not really correct, just changed to #olympics now :)

I have moved my bot to #olympics

Thank you for supporting the endeavor @mk-sports-token. Your bot will definitely make covering the #olympics much more profitable for our authors.

Have you seen the Outposts feature that Hive Engine is building? I'm interested to hear if stakeholders like the idea of us making SPORTS a part of that. If you don't mind, I'd love to get your thoughts there too.

I don’t like it. Nothing revolutionary, just another condenser modification. It would be much better if they work on something like ecency, waivo or d.buzz.
Btw, can you change font style to bold for main sports on sidebar menu?


I see that all Olympic disciplines have been added @patrickulrich. Excellent idea. Regards

Thank you @hugo1954! I figured we couldn't miss out on the biggest sporting event in the world. :)