Will we have college football?

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The University of Clemson's football team has had 28 athletes and staff who've tested positive for covid-19. While it's fortunate that none have required hospitalization and most are asymptomatic it still makes me wonder if we will even have college football to look forward to this fall.

I can't blame these guys if they say they refuse to play. We are watching professionals refuse to play who stand to receive real compensation for risking their exposure to this virus. These college guys are still stuck in this weird situation where they are more or less playing for a college degree. The same college degree where most universities sent kids off campus in fear of the same virus just earlier this year. I don't think I'd want to stick around in that situation.

I'm definitely no epidemiologist but football also seems like a sport geared for transmission of the virus. You have guys lined up in full contact across the field sucking in deep breathes exposing one another to the virus if they are indeed infected. Fortunately most of these guys are at the peak of their physical lives so cases are likely not going to be the most severe but there's always risks associated with this sickness.

I'm holding out hope that things improve and we find some better ways to manage this pandemic but things aren't looking good from my perspective. Despite the summer month's expected harsh environment for the virus we're still seeing areas with spiking infections. This makes me think that the fall could be an even bigger powder keg when the seasons change here. Will universities risk their players going onto the field if cases are indeed spiking at that time?

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23 Clemson football players test positive for coronavirus
At least 28 Clemson University athletes and staff have tested positive for coronavirus, including 23 football players, according to the university's athletics department.

Source: https://www.cnn.com

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ah i just saw you post about this on another post and was hoping you would have a story about it on your blog. This is terrible news for football fans for sure.

Thank you for coming by to check it out. I hope this is more me getting caught up in the hype of covid but after missing baseball all summer I'm a bit jaded.

as you should be. Myself and my family / friends / community have just about had enough of this and all of us are willing to take the risks if we can just live normal life again. Where's the waiver? I'll sign it.

I feel that all contact sports carry with it the ability to spread the virus. And you are correct. All players are risking their lives by participating during this time when there's no treatment, vaccine or cure. Is the money worth the risk?

People just are not getting it that you don't have to feel sick to spread this deadly virus. You can't control what players do off the field, and that is the real problem.