Mental problems are finally an issue in sports!

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Mental problems are physical problems

Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka both are role models in their respective sports. And both of them have stood on the barricades for mental well-being.


This week Simone Biles forfaited for the team finals of the gymnastics competition at the Tokyo Olympics. Because she had mental issues. For some people this felt like leaving her team alone. But her issues were of that sort, that she could have brought herself in danger.

The same for Naomi Osaka, who has broke the silence about the mental warfare the current WTA Tour is!

My upmost respect for these ladies! Mental is physical!




Sincerely if they deserve respect both athletes, I could see the case of Simone and it is certainly very incredible what happened to her and what is happening to her, I hope she and Naomi can recover from all this.

Off course they will recover! Accepting and admitting there is an issue is the start of recovery.