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Watching the last half an hour of this match, it may be hard to tell
about Fulham playing with 10. Being close to last and relegation is haunting them. Last match they beat Liverpool and confidence builder was playing for them.

Desperation was all over Chelsea players. Glad they did not concede but missed like crazy. Giroux tried and Werner is still looking for ways to score.
I do not want to give up at Lampard but it is getting harder to get more wins.

Looking at the list you see the top 10 are teams with great envy. Leicester and Everton are pushing it all the way. Chelsea will meet Leicester on Tuesday and a win should be what they go for. Tomorrow they will be a derby for the top spot.
Hopefully Manchester United can bring some light into the EPL.

Chelsea has 20 more matches to play this season for EPL.
20 x 3 = 60 points on the line. How many can they grab ?
Give or take 33 points should be a guarantee for Chelsea.
That would be a total of 62 points total. I am generous on that aspect.
Got to see if Chelsea this year can win that many games.
Last year 66 and the year before 72 points. They need more to hold
top four spot.
Let's enjoy today's win.


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The game was full of tension but Chelsea managed to win, i am not so satisfied with the 1-0 because chelsea need to learn to score, they never took the chances of playing with 10 men.

It was a very tough game yesterday but I am happy for Frank Lampard for the win. It will be very good if the team can go with your analysis but the league is very tough and predicting a top 4 spot for the Blues is kind of complicated now.

Although the gap is still very close and I see the table rearranging very soon but for Chelsea to break in into the top 4, Lampard needs to get lots of things right in the team. Hudson is doing pretty well now and I don't see the reason why he is not suppose to be in the starting line up ahead Pulisic.