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This should be the series of the NBA right now. Two teams playing high standard basket ball neck to neck for most of the game. This is a thrill seeking playoffs right here. Usually couple guys are the different maker and there you have it. So sad to see Harden hurt and he could be out for the series. I feel his absence did not even matter. It is just one game I must say. Game 2 on Monday will definitely carry a difference package for both teams.

Bucks did come ready to impose early. I think they burn too much energy to establish their game away from home. The fans provide an extra power to the Nets and they rally well all along. Giannis needs to change his style of play. He is always explosive to a point he may not be able to close the match. He needs to cool down and play like a Super Star. There are times to distribute the ball and try not to force the game too much. It was a close match all the way to the fourth quarter. Somehow Bucks did not shoot the three ball right at all. It was an electric match for both teams.

Looking at the stats Bucks did play well by scoring more than 100. Four guys in double figure. Middleton needs to do more for them to win. He needs to have a huge game to match up the intensity of the other team. Maybe they are rusty having sweep the Heat a while back. Anyway they got their feet wet knowing they need to win a game to make it a series. They need to remember they are playing two NBA champions, they can handle this atmosphere. Hopefully they can rebound.

On the other hand the Nets came out running. It is a freak train when you have Kyrie and KD coming at you at all angle. Defense was effervescent due to crowd noise with more than 15k lungs screaming.
Griffin was sensational every where. He is the difference maker. Making sure Giannis and anyone scoring at will. Like I always heard they say leave by the jump shot, die by the jump shot. Sometimes it works for you, sometimes it deflates a team looking for rhythm.

You can tell a team will win when other players contribute big time. It was experience with shot falling help the Nets with a win. Harden miss did not notice a bit. I guess the Nets hardly play with all three consecutively this season. Hope he is okay and back sometimes this series. At the same time Kyrie and KD can handle Bucks. Another player needs to set up and fill the void. Bucks always score a lot of points. Nets needs to maintain the status quo, limit their offense and score more than 110 points to win the game.
Usually the true playoffs begin the second round. Welcome to the playoffs.
Waiting for Mavs vs Clippers this Sunday.


I hope they do better in the second match and as you said, another player need to set up and fill the void as well.

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The Nets are playing great
So it is not Bucks are playing bad.
It’s the playoffs where teams excel
To win it all

I think Giannis places too much pressure on himself to carry the team, he really needs to play like a superstar as you put it. I hope they do better in the second match

Yeah he is forcing the game all the time. He needs to play cool and mix his style. He is always forcing himself to score. That way he will retire soon.

wishes all the best !

The both team played we and they gave their best to beat each other but unfortunately winning goes for one team.
Nets won two rounds in the game same with the Bucks but the total determines the winner.
Though I'm looking forward to see what surprise the two teams will bring up in their next game.
Nets needs to put more effort in their attack anyway.

Have a lovely sports Sunday you all.

Actually the Nets are short handed
No Harden they broadcast this win
With harden less pressure on KD and Kyrie
It will be easier for them to win.
If this team plays like that for a couple of years
They can win couple Championship easy.

Yes I hope they realize that and put in effort to achieve that, it will only take them determination to that.

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The Nets won a very even game and it should be like that for the rest of the series and with Harden touched it becomes even more even, as well as fans let's enjoy Nets vs Bucks.

What a close match. The nets did really well to secure the first win. Looking forward to the next game. It sure gonna be a tough as the bucks will be looking to even it out.

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Bucks found a match for the second round.
The winner of this series will advance to win it all.

Yeah. Most definitely

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