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Tottenham found a way to give Chelsea a lucky ticket to UCL next year. So far EPL is done for this season. Liverpool champion last year found a way to finish third. I still do not know how Chelsea got through by losing to Aston Villa. This is Football where another team can bring the blessing touch for you. I am wondering how Chelsea is going to win UCL next weekend? This is the question I am asking. Time can heal many wounds. Both teams have a week to prepare and find the right 11 players for the big event.

Chelsea lost two out of 5 last matches they played. It is the same scenario for the Citizens. Liverpool and Arsenal are the only two teams finishing the season 5 out 5. I mentioned at the beginning we have to thank Leicester cause they were leading EPL almost all of the season. It was for them to lose. Tottenham could be helping too but they are far behind. At least Leicester will play Europa League next season.

Right now it will be a surprise if Chelsea can pull a win for the grand Finale. I am not losing hope. As a fan I wish for the best. This loss proves to be weird to swallow when they know four place is in the line and they have to wait for another team to help them get there. Really do not know what to expect right now.

Hopefully adding a guy like Kane should help with the scoring goal. This busy Summer Chelsea needs help to boost the front. I started to wonder if a star player is needed to bring more eyes on the club.
Tuchel next season will be seen as a make or break season. At least he needs to have a strong 11 guys he can rely on for any match.

Leicester is not done. I know they will come back. Quietly Manchester United grabbed top 2 and they remain quiet for a strong season. The competition will be tense in August. Can't wait to see how things will roll. While EPL is on a two month break, Sport fans are just beginning to cherish more Football for the Summer.
Will you be watching the UCL ?


I just dont understand how leicester repeatedly lose momentum towards the end of the season.

Thanks to Bale and congrats to you guys ..

I think the same thing happened to them last year.
They were hot and then quiet.
Hey Chelsea did beat them so that helps by 1% for them to remain
in top four.

Irony of fate Chelsea: finalist in the 2020-2021 Champions League and fighting until the last date to be able to play in the 2021-2022 Champions League.

Can they win it all?
Hard to even think they can when you witness how strong City is playing with ease.
In Football never say never.
Miracles can happen.

and Chelsea made it. Good for them. Feel a little sad the Foxes had to miss out on final day twice in a row.

Now all attention on the uefa champion league final against Man city.

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This is for May, a month full of surprises and really bad for taxes and crypto.
Mat Chelsea find ways to win something this year.

Mat Chelsea find ways to win something this year.

Yh I hope they do. They will however need something more than the showing against Aston villa to pull up the needed result against city

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Kane would be a great addition to our dead attack. Werner has been totally useless upfront. We need another creative midfielder too and another defender. I think there needs to be a massive clear out starting with kepa as well. We can win the league next season with all these being a possibility.

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If the Premier League was very competitive this year and the final of the Champions League is a unique game and anything can happen so you should never lose hope with Chelsea and if they could sign Harry Kane for the coming season it would be wonderful.

Si la Premier League fue muy competitiva este año y la final de la Champions League es a juego único y cualquier cosa puede ocurrir así que no debe perder nunca las esperanzas con el Chelsea y si pudieran contratar a Harry Kane para la venidera temporada sería maravilloso.

Leicester City have none but themselves to blame, they were sitting comfortably in third place for a very long time. I know you're a Chelsea fan so am glad you guys scaled through; good luck in the champions league Final

Yes of course,thanks to their London counterpart I guess and to me they are very lucky to have it make to the champions league