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So much is at stake for this year in #Football. Euro2020 is moving quite well despite
the scary moment of Eriksen. Hope he is getting well. With great help Denmark passed
Wales for the next round. It seems the busiest year for #football. After Euro2020 and Copa America
it will be Olympic games. So much for these guys in such a tight schedule.

Round of 16 is moving quite well. Denmark, Italy, Czech, Belgium are ahead. Out of all the biggest
match could be Belgium vs Portugal. Portugal won the Euro last time. Belgium was too strong for them.
As always they were chances from CR7 and some clearer chances to score but misses found a way
to show instead.

At the beginning of second half Malen should score that goal being free and clear with the goal keeper.
I guess it was not their day to shine the orange color. Usually they are a good team with great future, realistically they fell short when tough get going. I never forget Van basten time and others in recent years. De Ligt messes up everything with touching the ball.
You can see after that red card the Czech came back to life and prove to be a problem for Netherlands.

Italy is a team that always comes to play. Do not worry much for them. They will find a way to pull a win. Austria was giving them a little headache all the way to extra time. I have to say the same for Belgium. They have a strong team as well and many great players that can rivalled France. I presume they will go far if not winning this Euro 2020.


We have four great matches for the next two days. Hard to predict how it will roll but France should go through. Spain vs Croatia is another big game. I suggest Spain for now due to the depth of their team.
England vs Germany could be the match of Tuesday. I presume England should easily pass that test for many reasons. One of them England has the squad that can make a difference this time. England is playing at home so that is a giving for them to win.

With Germany you cannot say much cause England is playing for all. I do not think Ukraine can bother Sweden much. Just have to prove it within 90 minutes.
Maybe the big surprise will be this Tuesday. Hopefully I can watch France playing against the Swiss.
You tell me what team are you waiting to advance so far ?


Honestly it a big surprise for the Netherlands that Denmark knock them out in this ongoing competition. More teams are to surprise us again

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It is a surprise but not big enough for me.
Netherlands get knocked out often in big games.
Except a few time they go far.

Oh I don't really know of there history but with what you told me now is not too big then

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Of all the result, i want to give a big kudos to Czech Republic for deafeating a strong side like Netherlands. They really tried. But i am sure there next match will not be that easy because Denmark too has not really relent even after loosing their main man to sickness. Let's wait to see the end of their 90minte of action

Czech played great and with composure. A red card changes the whole complexity of the game.
It is going to get tougher arriving to the main event.

of the quarter-final matches Italy vs Belgium is a very good match. Of the rest of the 8th finals, France, Sweden, Spain and England are clear favorites, although I do not rule out any surprises since they are 90 minutes and anything can happen. It only remains to enjoy.

You are a fan of the sport. I like watching as much games as possible.
France and Spain could go on.
England should go further this year.
They have so many great players.

England is a total unknown, they have good players but sometimes they have gaps and at this level mistakes are unforgiving. Sweden, Spain and France should move forward without problem

everything is turning out well, there are good teams in these round of 16 and for the quarterfinals there will be more level, that's when the good teams will be seen, the ones that could give their best to be where they are.