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120 minutes and the team with less time with the ball made it happen. I learn not to put
the Italians behind when tough gets going. They did not play beautiful but coming out on top
in penalty is crazy. Spain record in penalty is very much spotty. At the end of the day we demand a winner. Italy has responded.

#Chieza and #Morata provided the two goals of the duration of the game. This is the moment you know if a team will get far. I feel like Italy looks better to grind with their defense and push it again if possible with penalty. I recalled the Italians club time and the Italians presence in the World Cup. It is never the beautiful game but the unraveling presence of winning at all cost.

A little recap of former Italy glory. It was in 1990 where the World Cup played. The actual manager was then a player Mancini. Few of you might remember a player named Salvatore #Schillaci. This guy was a scoring machine for #Italy. They did not win the World Cup but it was sensational to see how the team is keeping up with its Football. They finally won in 2006 in Germany.

If #England and #Denmark are not ready to compete, Italy will rise again and win the Euro for a second time. Any win is a confidence builder for all players. Knowing this is the Finals, Italy will do the same thing, shoot and keep their defense tight. Tomorrow will be the opponent and it will be epic when you see the fans out there.

Are you ready for more penalty kicks? I guess we have zero choice since all teams are equal. I recalled once in the 80s, Italy has the best players. Again Spain clubs was the tactical mind in the 90s going through 2000s. In the same 2000s, French players were the best wherever they are. They won the World Cup in 98 and recently. Right now I feel England has the best clubs pushing for the best player all around. It will make sense for them to win the Euro if they can keep it up together for 90 minutes tomorrow.

As a fan so much to watch today and tomorrow for Sports. Enjoy cause more will come with the Olympics.


I was small but of course I remember "Toto" Schillaci, scorer of the World Cup in Italy 90 and it is true whoever his rival is in the final will be a tough match and for both. Italians should never be taken for dead, and with men who sing their national anthem with that feeling is worth noting.

Yep Toto was the scorer for that goal cup.
I was a young boy then. But schillaci name was something for that World Cup.
You know your Football


Hey @hjrrodriguez, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

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If soccer is one of my passions, my friend, and a dream is to be able to see our Venezuelan national team in a World Cup and listen to our anthem, that would be great.

It was a tough match, in which Spain made Italy sweat, I told you it would not be an easy match but Italy would win. Even though the game went to penalties it was a very good game, they offered us a little more play and action. Good post brother, hope your day was great.

As expected, the Italians had to sweat on this one. Great they got rewarded with a win. Now they face one more hurdle in the winner between England and denmark. It would also be interesting to see how England hold it up against Denmark tonight.

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Congratulations to Italy as I predicted for them to win again Spain though my prediction was 2:1 for them to win, but it ended up in a penalty kick out.

I know it was a challenging game for them against Spain battling to qualify to the final.

Nice to see them holding there ground to reach finals, hopefully ITALY will end up going home with the Euro Cup.

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As I told you in the previous post, my favourite is Italy. I hope they will won the competiton.

A friend was telling me there will be goal fest in the game and I told him these are two big teams the goals in the game will not be much as they will be careful not to loose guard.

Football is always funny when you see teams that perform less win a game. It is what it is?

Penalties makes me nervous, but I still enjoy watching it beacuse of the drama and I get to see the best strikers on the team.

obviously there is bound to be situation like this again and again especially when we have the likes of this teams in action, its like when two elephant are fighting, they both may feel the impact but the grass gets it more, in similitude, the fans are going to be the one, having the grass like experience. never expect less, that is the spirit and it give beauty to the game

Italy got my attention, they every game as if it was there last , congrats to them, looking forward to the finals

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Yeah, it was a tough match for the Italian side but the game is an interesting one watch last night.
Big congratulations to the Italian side

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