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This is one key win for Chelsea today. I did not expect that much of a goal from Pulisic, Kai and Zuma.
I guess Tuchel is still looking for the right recipe to support the attack. No Timo, Giroud ,Abraham
and the team is finding the back of the net rapidly. Crystal did come to play but it was hard for them
to control what was on the pitch. Crystal did manage to score one goal from a header. Chelsea was the
best team with non-stop attack to deliver four goals. Kai's goal is a beauty since the defense collapsed
allow him to easily score.

Pulisic has been playing lately for Chelsea. It was the news a month ago that he may go back to Germany. Now with two goals under his belt in this game, you can be sure he may stay for a while.
Holding fourth place will be a weekly challenge for Chelsea. They have a busy schedule ahead of them. Champions League, EPL, FA CUP semi. This will be a test to see how far they will go.

Have you seen el classico in the rain ? It was fun to watch in the first half. I guess Real was done and
the rest of the second half is not worthy of a classico. Maybe I will blame it on the rain. Luckily only Messi had time to change his shirt. Real took first place in la Liga with goal advantage but it is tight
as well with Atletico right there. Barcelona is third waiting for any of them falling to grab first place.
I do not follow LA Liga but you can see Real and Barca still playing great game. Real is still looking for another Champions League with Zidane, three time winners.

Leeds for me is the match of the day. Down 10 men, they hold the Citizens for 75 minutes. You could say easily City was okay with a draw but that was not the case for Leeds, they want the whole three points for themselves. Dallas found a way to punish them twice. So far coming back in Premier League, Leeds are very promsing to advance each year. Tough league to shine.

We have some important matches to go for this week. Tottenham vs Man U. West Ham vs Leicester.
Every match has an implication for standing. West Ham has the possibility to envy fourth place with a win. A win for Tottenham will make the race more spectacular for fourth place. This year I wonder if Leicester will collapse from third to six. The pressure will be everywhere. City and United should be okay for first and second. Only 7 matches left for most team. It equals to 21 points give or take.

No need to go over my head for Chelsea. Tough schedule ahead. The way they play Crystal can easily be replicated for them to win something this year. FA CUP maybe?
Holding fourth place will alow them to have a spot in UCL next year. Still have to play Porto to advance. 2021 is loaded with Football tournament. Euro 2020 and Copa America 2021. Hard to follow for all over the world. Do you have a league you follow close ?


i just watch the world cup. in the u.s. we are brainwashed with sports. when i was a kid it was news, weather, and sports ... 4 channels on the tv

i played soccer and basketball. these days i do a little tennis.

ever listen to tom waits?


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With the internet you have the world at your disposal to watch TV.
The amount of channels are beyond 24 hour time to even watch a show.
Football in the US is Soccer for the world.
Everything is focused of what bring the dough.