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Let me start with Chelsea. Tuchel did what a great manager should do.
It was a revamp team from the front to midfield. I like the changes he brought back
all over giving everyone a taste of the Champions League. I was expecting more goals
the way Chelsea play yesterday.

Giroud was showing off somehow. It was a beautiful goal. Atletico Madrid was playing defensive
all along. Five back, no way for Chelsea strikers to find a hole. You can see both teams
play their strength all the way. Again I was expecting Chelsea to score more goals. Due to yellow cards
Mount will not play in March in leg 2. Hopefully we see Pulisic, Giroud, Timo up front.

As winger Callum and Alonso driving both sides.
Kante should start with Jorginho giving stability and speed in midfield.
Defense should remain the same since Thiago still recuperating. Apart from Champions League
Chelsea has four more important games to deal with. This win should boost them to make a difference.

Barcelona and Juventus will have to play harder to stay alive. Not sure if Messi can pull back
a remontada by himself. Liverpool and Manchester City should glide in to next round.
PSG is the only league 1 team left in the competition. They need to represent. They played way better than Barcelona with Messi on the pitch.

Bayern and Dortmund are usual. They are build for Champions League. Real Madrid is another mess
in the sphere. Zidane, you got this. They are not convincing but they are Champions before.
It will be interesting to see any first leg winners losing in the second leg. Juventus can bring surprises
with CR7 playing still. I would like to stay the same thing for Barca.
Chelsea should not worry since they are playing at home in the second leg.
Surprises are what keep the game alive.
Do you see any for the next game ?


I use to tell you that Lampard was the problem of Chelsea and I have been proven right. Inasmuch as we don't have top knotch quality players, understanding the rudiment of managing a team to at least deliver in terms of a game plan and Structure is what Tuchel has done with chelsea.
That game was a game of opportunities and im glad we have a striker in Giroud who can always do the unthinkable with the ball.

That was the goal that save the match.
Chelsea is loaded with potential.
EPL now let's see if they can go back
to top four.


Hopefully top 4 can be achieved by all means.

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