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When everyone think you are down and out, this is now you breathe harder
and come back to punch harder. This season Manchester City lost three time in front of Chelsea. Today we have our Champions of the Champions League. I did not know Chelsea can pull this off. I knew something was coming watching the game and see how Chelsea is defending and attacking the game. Defense was impeccable all the way to the last minute. I need to order my jersey soon to celebrate this win. First American to play and win an UCL. Great Job Pulisic.

This was epic and as a fan never lose hope of what to come. Lampard thanks for what you do. Tuchel you deliver something that will make sure you have a job for couple more years into the blues. Now I want to see an EPL trophy. Beat the iron while it is hot. So happy for them. Got to say it. They deserve it fair and square. Havertz found a way to keep his composure and score that goal. This is the kind of football I like, 4 passes and we have a goal. Thanks to the other goalkeeper for pulling himself forward way too much. Always one little mistake can change the whole game.


Chelsea could have win this year the EPL, FA CUP and UCL. Somehow they lost ground for EPL. At one time they could compete with City for EPL. It was a close call throughout the season and fell short. Luckily Chelsea finished fourth, thanks to Leicester unable to contain Tottenham at the end. It was a really close call seeing Chelsea competing for UCL and next year they could miss it. Not anymore they are qualified twice. They are into UCL for next year.

FA CUP was up for grab by Chelsea. Unfortunately they lost to Leicester. Chelsea beat City to meet Leicester. It was a mess seeing these clubs battling and all come winners in their category. Manchester City won EPL and Carabao Cup. Leicester won FA CUP. Chelsea won UCL. In the meantime Manchester United lost Europa League. At least next year they will participate in Champions League. Who knows what will happen.

In all sports, there should be a winner and a loser. I am so happy to see Pulisic, Mendy, Mount and Werner, etc.. playing so hard and now they are crown Champions of Europe. Football is a team effort. Crazy schedule and injuries can put a team down. Somehow Tuchel managed to keep them together and the whole team is a winner.

May is not so bad after all as a fan of the most beautiful sport of the world. June is around the corner. many of Chelsea squad will play in June for their country. Hopefully the break time for them is minimal. Right by August the European Leagues are going back at it. It is a business to entertain and this machine cannot stop. Chelsea fan, wear your blue proudly. We got this one a second time.


It has been a crazy week of football to think Manchester United could lose the Europa league final and Chelsea could win. I had totally written Chelsea off on this one.

Anyway, I know you are a Chelsea fan so at least am happy for you and I celebrate with you friend.

Meanwhile, the bucks completed routed Miami Heat in the NBA

The Heat was lame this year. They cannot score and cannot block the Bucks from scoring.
It was a sweep.
Lakers could be in trouble. We will see.

Chelsea did the uncomfortable task of playing fast pace with City.
Second half they were done.
After scoring the goal, we know this could be it for City.
The pressure was high.
Aguero were stunned watching his team playing one last time losing to Chelsea.
They are redundant playing all for the win.
Not sure Rudiger did hit Kevin on purpose but it was a hard foul.
Kevin out we all know City midfield left to wonder.

congratulations Chelsea. the streets going wild over here. truly a very exciting day for the blues.

Despite the odds, they came out champions. well deserved

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The goal was sensational and only one goal to make the day brighter for the Blues.
Arriving at the end to play the game against the best in EPL was something to consider.
Chelsea got something to go crazy for.
Next year it will be worth watching the EPL.


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As a Chelsea fan I couldn't be happier for the team. The guys did really well, nothing to reproach them, let's hope for more titles to come.

This is the hard part winning UCL two years in a row. Real did it. Tuchel got work to do.
So happy for you all fans.


Thank you very much, friend.
I think with some very good reinforcements it will be possible, although as you say it is hard work.

Chelsea needs some good strikers that can scare City more next year.
Can't wait to see United next season.
It will be epic knowing fans are back and the atmosphere will change the complexity of the game again.

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Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence -- a surprise.” “Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises. ..Chelsea u have surprise us again congrt

Indeed it was a surprise not knowing who the scorer will be.
Pulisic should score that goal to make it sweeter as the first and only American in UCL.
He is a winner anyway.
It was rewarded when Havertz score the goal.
I know City was trying like crazy. Again the defense stepped up and stopped them short.
Congrats to all Chelsea fans.
We have a bigger shoe to fill next season.

The match was so surprising how the blues won the match. Congratulations to them

I was not surprised to the fact we beat them twice before.
I was surprised they could not score at all.
Sometimes defense prevails.

Yeah they weren't taking it as seriously as the way the blues too it. So they made use of their chance

I think Pep Guardiola paid attention to Chelsea's last two loss and this made him line up all attackers, underating and underestimating chelsea. Had it not been for Timo Werner's misses Chelsea could have won by like 3 goals, but then at the end we held up our own for the win, it was an amazing experience. Last night was beautiful. City never expected. Great composure from Kai Havertz there. Congratulations to us all

I put my head down and then he is scoring. It happened so fast couple passes and then a goal to win 2020 UCL.
Not sure who they are going to cut.
Not sure if the defense can remain strong again.

Just like in 2012, what could have been a mediocre season for Chelsea ends up being a historic one. They weren't the favorites to win this tournament, not even the final I think but nonetheless, they manage to surprise everyone and won it. I am happy for Chelsea's players and for Tuchel, they all clearly deserve to have this title.

Cheslea sometimes pick and chose the team to play hard.
Me saying that cause I do not get them losing to Aston Villa.

It was a dersve win, congratulations to all Chelsea faithful

At Chelsea won something this year like City and Leicester.
United fell short in Europa League.

Congratulations to all Chelsea fans.
I had fears weather Chelsea will pull this stunt and win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CUP but with the moral courage and high spirit they pull this of in beating Man city.
This is really significant and big glory to uphold there logo as the BLUES 💪🏻.
To all Chelsea fans ;
UP CHELSEA💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻!!!

So happy to see Chelsea win something this year. Two years we won FA CUP. So the team is running high.
Congrats to all fans.

They really did a great job today but I must say that Timo Werner got to a point which he didn't perform well

At least he is running like crazy. He got sub at some point right. Pulisic should score that goal

But still Congrat to them for winning

Congratulations friend today more than ever Chelsea FC was a solid team in defense and a gray collective work had its reward with obtaining its second Champions League. But we must highlight the work of Thomas Tuchel who was able to gather and convince them that it was possible to achieve the title and also Ngolo Kante appeared everywhere both attacking and defending a total player. Who would have thought Tuchel from being out of work in December to now being champion of the Champions League 5 months later.

Felicitaciones amigo hoy más que nunca el Chelsea FC fue un equipo sólido en defensa y un gray trabajo colectivo tuvo su premio con la obtención de su segunda Champions League. Pero hay que destacar el trabajo de Thomas Tuchel quien pudo juntar y convenserlos de que era posible lograr el título y también Ngolo Kante aparecía por todos lados tanto atacando como defendiendo un jugador total. Quién lo pensaría Tuchel de estar sin trabajo en Diciembre a ser ahora 5 meses después campeón de la Champions.

One thing is for sure he left PSG thinking ever is done for the year.
The situation always greener on the other side.
As a whole Chelsea looks more complete than PSG.


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Happy for Chelsea. congratulations Chelsea!