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I recalled the last post about the Euro2020, I did not give Italy the motion to advance. I was dead wrong.
Italy is the team to beat for now since the World Cup is coming soon. After this Finale there is more to come in August for all those players. Congrats for Italy for coming back and win it all via penalty.

I have to give it loudly for England for scoring so early. I was expecting to see more attack from England throughout the match. Scoring after two minutes changed the whole complexity for Italy vs England. England did his best for making a strong defense and hold Italy for 66 minutes. At the beginning I could not make sense for both teams. No real passes to construct a fluid midfield for both teams

To say the least Italy did pick up the pieces by dominating the match in the second half. It has become clear Italy got the upper hand and finally got a goal. Penalty is every where and Italy is no stranger to that predicament. I do not like penalty cause it is the most heart breaking moment in Football. Making analysis as why England did not start Sancho and Rashford and sub them later could be a way to go.

I guess it is too late. Sancho, Rashford should never shoot since they lacked the grind of the game.
Even Jorginho misses. Saka is another one. I do not know why they put all that pressure on his back. All the fans of #sportstalksocial, you guys were from the beginning a great favorite for Italy. You guys know best. I wish for England to win. They should win. Playing at home with your crowd. It shows the heart and grind for the Italians to come over and win this Euro for a second time.

Maybe England could win the next World Cup. They have a great future with bright players. Now in couple weeks, Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A will start in August. The Italians team you see have something to do with PSG. Copa America last night have something to do with PSG. I am waiting to see how this team could conquer the next UEFA for next season. Watching this Cup gives you a glimpse of the players for their clubs. Once again congrats to all fans of the sport that is love Worldwide.


I was expecting to see more attack from England throughout the match

Me too, I was very disappointed with England's attitude after they scored their early goal. They should have been much more focused in the attack. Sending Sancho and Rashford to the pitch in the 119-minute mark was too late.

As earlier predicted in an earlier post, the Azzurris didn't disappoint. Congratulations to the new European champions.

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Pulled from behind they rallied to win it with penalties.
I never knew penalty is so hard.
Saka, Rashford, Sancho why having them shooting anyway?

Yeah. They are decent penalty takers but I guess the tension of the final got too much for them.

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Yeah! You're right mate Azzurris boys made it . congratulations to the 2020 euro champions

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Yeah. Truly well deserved

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England were expected to choke tonight as that is the pressure they put themselves under. Same thing happened at the rugby world cup as they were already thinking about victory instead of playing the game. Players couldn't even respect wearing the medal and don't deserve to win until they learn some manners and humility.

Scoring way too early, they were done playing.
They should score one more goals before pulling back.
Penalty is so fragile in big game.
Italy did allow them to win but three misses are too much.

Italy knew how to suffer in this Euro friend, they should never be considered dead and Roberto Mancini definitely did an excellent job with almost no figures but with a compact team in all its lines. Congratulations and now for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. I also think they have 34 consecutive games without defeats.

Italy is looking at the World Cup with a difference eye.
I know France, Belgium will have their say for the World Cup.


And not only they also Argentina, Brazil, Spain and a European team that can be a big surprise Norway.

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Congrats to Italy, they deserve it

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I know I predicted Italy to take it before we knew what the final even was but honestly I was rooting for England when the match happend. I felt for England because my boss (who i was watching the game with) told me they have never won a Euro before. Either way, it was a very good game. Can't wait for premiere league to start back up.