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Lately many USA team heading to the Olympics have to go through some headache. Last couple weeks it was the Men basketball losing to Nigeria and Australia. They finally won a game vs Spain to close the exhibition before heading to Tokyo. It could be hard to swallow that the Women Football team lost a match to Sweden.

Sincerely it is not news if you know they had a unbeaten streak since 2019. I think they are fed up to a point where Sweden captured this win by surprise. It is the same team that won the recent World Cup. As always it is a wake up call since they lost the game fair and square. Next match is against New Zealand. US should handle this one knowing they cannot lose another game to advance.

One thing is clear team USA should recognize every team will play them neck to neck since they are the best in the World.
This is what happen when you are winning every game and then you look confused on the pitch. I am certain they will watch their mistake in defense. Fix the holes and start scoring goals. The minutes you are not scoring you are taking.
Hopefully they will rebound to continue their strive for this event.


This is one more reason i love the Olympics, where records are broken. I never saw this coming for the USA, but like they say " In football anything can happen ". I love this game and i aslo see the USA team bouncing back on their next game..

They bounced back efficiently against New Zealand.
It looks defensively US is not that good.
We will see

Quite surprising to see the USA team loss. The defeat should however reawaken them. I hope the see them perform much better in their other games

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Playing against France or Sweden should be what we want to see.
The same face could manage to play a lot better

wow.. this is a hard pills to swallow. tasting defeat after so many period of unbeaten runs still shows that they are very consistent when it comes to football and this is what is needed for success to be achieved. CONSISTENTCY

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Sports have this when you are winning and you play nonchalant for a game to recalibrate.
They should be fine going forward

Yeah, that was a big surprise for me too, but Sweden was already the team that knocked them out in the quarter finals of the last Olympics in Rio, they're also a good team. In any case, as I was saying somewhere else, I believe the US team has enough talent to qualify for the next stage anyways, and they'll probably play better and better. They're still the big favorite in my opinion.

women's soccer in the United States is superior and they are sure to bounce back until they win the Olympic gold medal again.

Loosing a match in football it's not a total failure, it builds the team for the next match and make them even more strong, because they have to fix there mistakes, I think USA team will bounce back stronger

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Fantastic! USA need to know what they call football this days.
Though they try to keep their unbeaten from a very long time but now some of the team come for this tournament are determine to win the tournament gold medal

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Really love to be in a team like this so proud of USA women no matter fault it's not easy to be all the Time winning.... This record of winning will be there forever.. still happy with the team keep it up to be with you there

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Wow, I have team USA to win it all.

Usa shloud have this in mind that teams coming to play in this tournament are in for a serious thing is clear team usa should recognise that every team will play them neck to neck since they are best in the world.i see them coming back more stronger in their remaining matches.

Well, this is a game of football. Anything can happen.
You must not always wjn

Even if they have lost some couple of trials it doesn't still take away the fact that they are favourites within this competition, and they not get the ground running at first trials they may be finding their rythm