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You probably watching Clippers playing it all to survive another day. Yesterday it was Lakers giving it for three quarters and lost the game cause of the first quarter. Look at the numbers for yourself and you can see Lakers won second and third and not enough to flip the switch in fourth. You probably asking yourself why AD even play the game when the Suns scores all the points while he was in the game. Devin booker was lightning in the Staples Center.

I was watching the game so I left before half time. Suns was scoring easy on three points like it is practice. Crowder was not missing at all. The Suns showed up in the right time knowing AD is not there to control the paint. Lakers defense is good but slow at the same time. When you figure out
fast pace is a problem, you can play neck and neck with the Lakers. Losing the first game was a sign that give assurance to the Suns.

Got to give it to CP3 for his decision skills to break Lakers defense and pass the ball right. CP3 only scored 8 points but he had more than 10 assists. We all know the Suns passed first round but I do not see them moving pass second round. Things are getting harder and harder. They will play Nuggets. A tougher opponent and Jokic is the difference maker. AD always getting hurt is a problem that need to be fixed. James is getting older. The window of Lakers opportunity is closing quick. I expect to see a more aggressive Schroder and Kuzma. At least Dennis scored 20 but Kuzma only 2.

Looking at LeBron James lately, he could take over the game and win it. That will negate the team spirit. No clue if AD will be ready for next round. I think James is hurt too cause you do not see him early going inside. He scored bulk of his point in the third quarter. First half Lakers scored 14 points. That's lame. Now how would you like to see Lillard coming to the lakers?

In the East like I mention the doors are wide open for the Nets to win a Championship. It is getting clearer. Tomorrow game will be pivotal for Bucks or Nets. The winner of this series will win it all. Who are you going to watch in this series?
Giannis is the man I am going to watch. If he plays well he will be a matchup made in heaven for the Nets. Jrue is another player with the mind of a champion. Middleton should do his best to match his last effort. Bucks are well rested by sweeping the Heat early.

One more week before we have more events coming our way. Now let's see if Clippers can push for a game seven in Dallas.


First of all greetings friend and have an excellent weekend. To begin with, the Clippers forced the decisive 7 insane series with no home wins. According to you, the winner of Nets vs. Bucks will most likely be the new NBA champion and the Lakers created it. It's time to think about rebuilding and if they can sign Lillard, it would be a great addition to them.

Primero que nada saludos amigo y tenga un excelente fin de semana. Para empezar los Clippers forzaron el 7 y decisivo serie loca sin victorias de locales. De acuerdo con usted el ganador de Nets vs Bucks muy probablemente sea el nuevo campeón de la NBA y los Lakers creó yo es momento de pensar en reconstruirse y si logran fichar a Lillard sería una gran adición para ellos.

If Clippers survive this trauma and win game 7
they deserve to go all the way to Finals.
Lakers was not as good since AD and James lost so many games.
Not sure what their plan would be.
I do not think Dennis will stay since his contributions
did not help much Lakers.
Kuzma is something else in clutch time.
So far KCP plays right with AD and LBJ.

If the Clippers survived and forced Game 7 thanks to a sensational Kawhi Leonard and the only certainty is that the Lakers need changes and reinforce the team to compete again for the ring.

Lakers got trashed by Suns on a 100-113points in the game.
Suns made it wise to take advantage of the first round by scoring 36points while Lakers scores 14points this left a marking win and a big blow of 22points difference in the first round.
Lakers really did there best to meet up by winning two rounds but that wasn't enough to cover up the gap in the first round.
What I can't tell is how lekers allowed D.Booker make total of 47points against them, I really think defense is really sloppy for that to happen to them from a player, while no Lakers player made total of 30points against Suns.
Lekers really need to build up there team and make some changes by signing Lillard.
LeBron James was so disappointed on the first round but I think the team needs more of him.

It looks LeBron was playing hurt while AD got injured in the series.
Booker is young and explosive. His shots got true with no problem
When a team is shooting threes and they all fall in place while you cannot connect
two points, you know you are in trouble.
The first and last quarters are important to win the game.
As a fan happy to see how the Nets will react and Clippers
should go through the West after passing Mavericks if Luka will allow it.


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Am rooting for the bucks. I think they stand a decent chance of winning it this year, and they have Giannis in beast mode at this point

For the past two years Giannis was trying too hard
to win a Championship. I think he needs to be wise
and play smart. IF the Nets stops him I feel Bucks will go down.
This is second round and things are going to be fun to watch.


Lakers really did there best to meet up by winning two rounds but that wasn't enough to cover up the gap in the first round. So that what people call game if you try for the first round doesn't mean you have gained the game more for effort, more victory for the winner

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AD absence is terrible for them. No real help from Kuzma, Dennis to compensate
for AD. Too many injuries for a team that want to advance more than you.

too bad the Lakers couldn't make it after trying so hard to recover in the later quarters. Their defense let them down

With Giannis and the team playing really well, i will be rooting for Bucks to get the job done this year

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I can say you are going to watch the game today.
The big three from the Nets are champions except for Harden.
You will see more from him.
KD looks the most quiet but he will score at will.
Giannis better play more defense than offense.
Just saying

Couldn't see the match. Just as you said. Great first win for the Nets. I expect the second to be much tougher

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