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Not long ago there were an issue with parents giving their newborn the name of Lionel Messi. It was getting out of hands, so they have to stop it. We all have our fair share of Messi glory in la Liga. Looking through his home country, Messi has not delivered much like the late Maradona. I can say they are the same height, very good with the ball and different scenario. Messi did his best to put his country on the map.

Till today the two best Football countries in South America that can hold heads with the best of Europe remains Brazil and Argentina. It has to do with vast majority of their players locating in Europe club. They are really good too. It is like part of their DNA to play the sport so good. Nevertheless tonight this match will be epic. Brazil vs Argentina. Hard to say who will win. Brazil is at home. Argentina can say the same since they are neighboring countries. Messi needs a win so bad where Neymar has won before.


We will witness tonight the best of the best. Every time both teams are playing the whole World, the whole fan of the Game will be watching. I hope this match redirects our attention with samba game, a glimpse of the 1,2 of these giants do better with the ball. Hard to pull this one and predict a winner. I want to see goals. No penalty please.

Messi has been really close when the World Cup was in Brazil. He got to the Finals but lost to Germany. Messi is playing his glorious days. He still got games. Will he deliver today? I am here for the game. Messi wins, I am happy. Brazil wins I am still happy. This is the beauty of Football. While you like to see the competition, I like to see a great 90 minute where the best can play at their best.

For the past 15 years Argentina has reached the Finals four times and lost to Brazil and Chile. Messi was there. Great team with sense of purpose to make this Copa America a destination. Neymar and acolytes have a lot to show since this generation has not won a World Cup. At least they won couple Copa to their pedigree. They want more and they will at home look for more.
Let's watch the game by now


I believe its been a while, I however thought he'd (Messi) retire without an international title,this was probably his last competitive game, had he lost it, im sure he will have announced his retirement but then this might push him to go for the world cup. Congratulations to Argentina in general they wanted it more.

Just one bad look from the Brazilian defense and then goal.
It was a tight match all around where Brazil ways of playing cannot win.
Maybe Argentina defensive wall too good


I will say the Argentinas fought with their lives and blood because they've been criticised over their bad performance in the past and I never really thought Brazil had it in them, the team looks strong on paper but they're really unconvincing, the likes of Neymar. Argentina to me wanted it more. That Messi factor came into play. You could see they all wanted to play for him.

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Finally a national title for messi.. I am so happy for him

Messi was so happy, jumping like crazy. Both teams cry
Happiness was all over the Argentinians players.

There are 20 minutes left and Argentina wins by 1 to 0, a very stuck game and with many fouls, hoping the best is yet to come.

Cray game to say the least Fred card changed the dynamism of the game.
Glad no penalty just pure high adrenaline 90 minutes Football

They were 90 mm very stressful minutes with opportunities for both teams and the most important thing was that Leo Messi was finally able to lift a title with his country's senior team.

That is a really good result. Messi has played great this entire Copa America and I believe he and his teammates really deserved that win. He's 34 years old, I hope he decides to play one more World Cup next year.

Argentina obviously needed it more. Glad they eventually got to lay on the trophy after many shot at it. Exciting times it must be for the players and fans right now. Congratulations to them. Truly well deserved

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I am glad Messi has an international trophy, he deserves it

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Glad to see Argentina won the trophy in which they needed it more than Brazil. Congratulations to the Argentine

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