Belgium to kick the ball out of play today against Denmark in Eriksen tribute following Inter star's collapse in Demark first group game with Finland

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The encounter between Belgium and Demark today is going to come in a special dimension as the 10th minute has been set to be a moment of respect in recognition of the stricken midfielders No. 10 shirt

Belgium have announced that they will played the ball out of play in the 10th minute of their Euro 2020 encounter with Denmark today to recognise Christian Eriksen,who experienced cardiac arrest over the weekend during match in the first half against Finland


Eriksen,who also wears No.10 for Denmark, is stable and okay now after collapsing on the pitch in their first group game match, so the 10 minutes will be a celebration for his survival and improved health on the field of play.


Romelu Lukaku also shouted "Chris, I love you" into a TV camera after scoring against Russia on Saturday some hours after Eriksen's collapse. They are both teammates at Inter where they are the champion of the Italian league football.


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It's great news that he is back in good health, but can we distance his sudden slump from the heavy calendar of european players, money is not all some times rest family and other need to be imputed too am juz sayong

That will be great show of gesture. Football should be about love and unity irrespective of the national team we support.

Nice one from club mate and friend Lukaku. Also wish the Danish midfielder quick recovery and hope to see him play again

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