All Teams of The Death Group Are Dead Now

Group F of Euro 2020(1) is considered as a “death group” as all the teams are so big. They are France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary. France, Germany and Portugal are the champions team. Portugal was the defending champions of Euro 2016. The three teams (France, Portugal and Germany) were played for round of 16. It was only Hungary was “dead” at the group stage knocked out.


But you know, it’s ironically all teams are dead now. Portugal lost to Belgium, France lost to Switzerlands and recently Germany lost to England. It’s really pity, they are all big teams, they were champions of World Cup and Euro. It’s truly football. We could predict the final score, but we have to be reminded that the ball is round.

As I support England to win Euro 2021, I am happy for England to beat Germany two goals last night. The goals were scored by Raheem Sterling and Harry Keane. They are two great British strikers. I predict England will win Euro 2021. You know that, Premier League is so great in recent years. Premier League teams like Liverpool and Chelsea won The Champions League. It shows that there is correlation between England and Premier League teams.


Sometimes it doesn't play out as we think. Big names sometimes would amount to nothing as we can see in the EURO cup. Let's see who picks the cup at last.

Yes, that’s true. It’s really a big surprise in Euro 2020 that France, Portugal and Germany knocked out at round 16.
I predict England, Belgium or Italy goes to final stage..

surprising true. who would have thought those world champions would exit the euro at the round of 16. Guess we are up for more surprises in the latter stages of the tournament.

Great win from England seeing off the German machines, didn't expect them to see them off with a clean sheet. Solid backline I must say.

Belgium, Italy, Spain and England are now favorites but wouldn't be ruling the underdogs as they might just lift the trophy at the end of the day.

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I really dont expect they went home so early. It’s definitely a big surprise in euro 2020. However, I am so excited England won over Germany :)

I hope England will face Belgium or Italy in final..

Little excited with the england win. They played better and deserved to move up to next stage. About meeting up Belgium or Italy, they should but first they have to secure the much needed win against Ukraine

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Seriously a book cannot be judged by its cover. No one can ever belief that at least one out of the four teams will not be present in final not to talk of quater final.

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Yeah, that’s so true. None predict they will finish at round 16 stage. Really pity for them..

Honestly, no body will ever believe that France, Germany and Portugal can be one of the teams that will not show for final. Congratulations to those who qualified for the next round

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That’s football. But I am a bit sad, that France not playing in the next round.

Not only you even me so sad that France not playing too because it tip them for final

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They are out of the euro 2020 competition is better than they are dead.

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Yeah, they are out so early. It’s a pity for them. I wish I could see France and Portugal in next stage

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