It’s Good Time to Collect More Fan Tokens

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The market was crashed which cause most of the coins’ price dropped in the market yesterday. But, today BTC and other coins start to climb up. No worries about the crash as the trend is still bullish. It’s good for the coins dropped to have more power to the peak by the end of the year. Investors are collecting the discounted coins in the market. As sports man, it’s wise for us to fill our bags with fan tokens as well.


There some fan tokens are sold on Binance like $JUV and $PSG. We might buy them to hold for mid-term or long-term as their prices are pretty cheap right now. For example, $JUV price is $10,69. Fyi, the highest price of $JUV on Binance was $43,43 and the lowest one was $4,7 in January 2021. If the price back to its ATH, we may have about 400% from today price.

Another fan token, $PSG is $29,59 right now. Its ATH on Binance was $61,53 in August 8, 2021. If it could be back to the ATH, we might have at least 100% if we buy and hold them since today.

While AC Milan fan token ($ACM) is $8,2 and $BAR (Barcelona Fan Token) is traded in the price of $17,95 by the time I am writing this post.

As a Hive Platform users, we have to put different coins in our bags, not only Hive and Hive-Engine tokens. We may hold and trade other coins like ICP, COTI, XRP, SOL, etc. But, we have to hold some fan tokens as well. As I like Juventus, so I am holding some $JUV token. I would sell them when I have good profit.

DISCLAIMER : Do your own research to buy your coins or fan tokens. This post is just my opinion and not a financial advice.


Great advice. It is wise to diversify along this line also. With sports gaining lot of cryptocurrency adoption, picking clubs tokens could prove profitable in the future.

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Thank you so much for this information and advice, you are right!

Is not good to put all our eggs in one basket.Share your good to share the investment to avoid story

Seem like great tokens to grab hold off seeing the attention fans tokens are getting these days. Thanks for this information.

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I never knew clubs have their own tokens wow

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