More SPORTS Token Whales Were Coming

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Today I am checking the rich list of SPORTS Token holder. And I found some new whales are coming to the top of list. There are three new accounts who have over 50M SPORTS Token: @csport @bluesniper and @element5. A bit surprised to see @csport sit on number 3 of the list with 74938499 SPORTS Token.


It’s really a good thing to find new names holding over 50 M token that means SPORTS Token has already attract new investors. As we know that Sportstalksocial is one of the most active tribe on Hive-Engine.


The old whales are still there, @mk-sports-token, @uyobong.sports, @edkarnie, me, @cryptoandsports and @amr008.sports. And all of them have their accounts growing day by day.

I am sure there will be more and more accounts to have 50M Sports Token and more in the future. There are millions of Sports fans out there, I believe they will find sportstalksocial finally.


It's nice to see people climb the ladder in a community like this. I commend everyone. I will like to share my little displeasure about what I observed. I guess there is this cabal thing where familiar set of people award more sports token than to names that are not known to them. I just want to point out that it takes a lot to sit, task the brain to write something out of our leisure time and all you get is 275 token, 800 token, 1800 token. The first time I got 8000 and 11,000 token, I was like wow... So it is possible to get this. I almost got discouraged if not for the love of connecting with people that I get to share sport Gist with.
I plead with whoever is prorating the token to scrutinize post well and award token appropriately.
I stand to be corrected. I am just sharing something that might concern most people but they don't know how to express it.

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You are one of those whales who always inspired many contributors to be on the platform and more important was you inspired and incentivized them to power up

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that is great, i hope one day i will also be among the whales in this community

The spot community is quite interesting never found a board moments I always found interesting news to talk about it's comforting and I love it.

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Good day.

Is their an on-going updates or the likes in sportstalk lately? My account is not working well. First my vote value says its 400+ when its 1400+. Second, their are no sports token coming into my wallet from daily curation when I know I have 7k curation rewards a day.

Hope you can help me. Its like my account is not moving.


Oh, now thie explains why the prices have been holding up nicely for the past couple of months. Really great seeing some believers/investors getting onboard the sportstalk platform.

I still believe this platform has a lot of potentials with the sports market a really huge one. Still gradually building my stake over there. Would love to see the next shape the platform takes in the next couple of months.

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wow. this is so interesting. the more investors we have in sports community, the more our reputation grows in hive. having such a remarkable amount of sports shows the uniqueness of sports token. one can't save what is not valuable. Good job for staking more sports to such amount. while i am still growing by creating contents and staking the little i have, i hope to be curated by these investors. nice job to them........

A dream come true i must say, when one's passion is been notice, i hope one day i get a reward, and for everyone motivating this great community. You guys are loved.